seeing red.

I think I start every post on Monday with something like, "Happy Monday!" or "Did you have a nice weekend?".  So today, I'm going to skip that and get right to the good stuff.  Red. 

Today's post is all about red.  It's not a color that Lisa or I necessarily gravitate towards, so I was surprised when Lisa gave me the first draft of colors for our new home line and found 3 different reds in there.  Now that the line has been launched and we are moving forward, I am really loving the fact that we included them.  

Red can be such a power color, but when used strategically it can also just radiate warmth and comfort. 

The simple red back splash and painted farm chairs add warmth to this stark white kitchen.  

An antiqued red is used on this large piece of furniture and brings a sense of drama to the soft blue room.  It works well to tie together the large piece of art with the rest of the room.

Talk about red!  Use different tones to break up an all red room. 

Small doses of red create a visually interesting space.  I love that upholstered chair! 

And finally, a kitchen that is both warm and fun.  Painted inserts and table legs add just the right amount of color against the neutral wall. 

Check out our reds: