Hi all!  We didn't get to all the posts that we wanted this week, but I promise they are coming.  We have a great video tutorial on painted rugs.  I just haven't finished editing it yet (sorry!) so we will be sure to share it next week.  Today we wanted to share some news with you about an upcoming event.  

We are also thrilled to be manning a booth at the upcoming Drool Baby Expo:

This event is not to miss if you are expecting or have a few little ones already.  The products being featured are seriously drool worthy (pun intended) and we are excited to be among them.  And the location? It doesn't get much cooler (or more convenient) than The Cyclorama.  Be sure to get your tickets to attend.  We can't wait to meet the rest of the amazing exhibitors and, of course, mingle with all the expecting and current parents that attend.   We will be showcasing our new painted chairs at the event, along with some other painted pieces we are adding to our line.  And of course we will have fan decks, samples, and plenty of pots of paint, not to mention stock of our nursery colors so you can pick a color and take it home with you that night!  No need to wait for shipping. Can't wait to see you there!  

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