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a big Huge MASSIVE giveaway. chairs edition. | winners announced

Thank you all so much for entering our chair giveaway! We had a huge number of entries... so we put you all in a hat and drew the two lucky winners: Anne Cannon and Holli Kelli Trembley!!!

Anne is the lucky winner of the orange and pink chair with her comment: "LOVE these chairs... and love both colors so either would be perfect for me!"

Holli is the lucky winner of the pink chair with her comment: "My favorite chair is the blue and red one, even though they are both beautiful. The reason I love it is because it is the color of my Grandma's garden and, with the flower print on the back of the chair, it brings back happy memories of spending time there with her."

Ladies, please contact us at to coordinate the receipt of your prizes!!  Congrats! 



Guys.  Today, we are giving away two incredible items to two lucky people. 

These chairs.  How great are they?  Not only are they fabulous and beautiful and unique (if we do say so ourselves) but they were made in a really sustainable way.  They were salvaged from a yard sale, painted with our completely non-toxic, organic, safe paint, and reupholstered with scraps of leftover fabric from Lisa's studio


So.  Why are we giving them away?  Here's the deal:  When Lisa and I first started this here little paint company, we had the idea to add a line of painted furniture like these chairs to our products.  We love doing it and we thought they were a nice tie-in to our paint line, showcasing our colors in a new and different way while also staying true to our goal to offer organic, safe, sustainable products.  While all of this is true, it quickly became clear that was no way we could maintain constantly adding new pieces to our site while also running this company just the two of us. These two are prototypes from when we first had the idea and we'd rather they go to a good home where you can ohh and ahh over the beautiful colors (and of course tell all your friends about how wonderful Quiet Home Paints is!) than sit around our studio.  


The details: These chairs would retail for $600 each.  And we are giving them away.  To you!  They've been sitting around our studio getting no use and no love and we want them showcased in your home where they will attract the attention they deserve.   Interested?  To enter your name in the drawing to win these awesome chairs:


1.  Go to our facebook page and like us! Or pin these chairs on pinterest. 

2.  Leave a comment here or on facebook telling us you've like us or pinned us AND which chair you like and why. 


Two winners (one for each chair) will be drawn at random on Wednesday, July 31st.   There is one small catch.  The chairs are located at Lisa's studio in Portsmouth NH.  You must either be able to pick them up at her location or pay for the shipping to get them to you.  


Good luck!! 


ps.  if you don't win and you love the chairs, we still do custom pieces for people.  While we don't have the time to make enough to have a constant supply on the site, we do love working with our customers to create pieces just for them.  If you are interested in a chair or other piece of furniture, shoot us an email! 


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Good Morning!   We have been busy little painters around these parts, but on top of that we have been busy making some adjustments to our website.  I wanted to share with you some new features we put in place to make your life easier... 


1. Help picking a paint color:

We get a lot of emails from folks who'd like help choosing colors and we are happy to provide it.  While in depth color consultations will be deferred to Lisa, more simple assistance can be offered right through the site now. 


Under the samples page, we added a box that leads you to a questionnaire we put together to better help you with your color selections.  Once you fill out the questionnaire it submitted to us and we will get back to you with color suggestions within a day (or two at most).  


The questionnaire if fun to fill out with easy questions and room to specify exactly what you are you trying to achieve.  Try it out! 



2.  Custom Colors:

We have offered a custom color service from the very beginning but it wasn't listed anywhere on our website so you used to have to email us if you wanted this service.  Now, you can order your customer color right through the site. 



We are able to match any color you'd like.  When you order, you just need to provide us with the color number. 


As a side note, we can custom match to other things as well (fabric/art/whatever your heart desires), but in that case you would need to actually send us the swatch through snail mail.  This is an easy way if you are matching to another paint color. 



3.  Find our paints:

This is a feature on the site that will be growing in the next few months as we show up in more and more spaces.  It lists the stores that currently are stocking some or all of our paints.  


As you can see, right now we are in Sprout San Francisco, Chicago and NYC.  We'd like to take this opportunity to say that we LOVE Sprout.  If you live in those areas and haven't checked them out, you should!  They are the go-to baby boutique if you are looking for all natural, organic, safe products for your little one.  They seriously rock.  



As you scroll through the site, you may see some other small changes...  all part of keeping up with the growing business.



Coming later today on the blog:  more painted cribs! 

And tomorrow?  A HUGE (and I mean huge) giveaway! 



Happy Thursday!

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All about melon.

Good morning to you...  I don't know from where you are reading this, but here in our little corner of the States it is hot, hot, HOT.   Not that I am complaining...  For some reason this summer I haven't felt the heat in the same way others appear to.  Yes, it's hot.  But it seems while people are melting around me, I'm pretty comfortable.  What's up with that?  It's a big departure from the norm which usually involves me sweating and grumpy and rumpled.  Seriously...  could my body have adjusted itself to be cool with the heat?  Like I said, I am not complaining. 


One thing the heat does to me though is make me crave melons.  Like really cold, really ripe slices of melon in a crisp white bowl.   And it's not just the taste, but the color, that has me feeling refreshed.  Makes me want to go upstairs and paint my bedroom in a combination of melon, sherbet and white.   



Most people think of whites and blues when imaging colors to stay cool and overlook the melon tones.  So today, how about we look at some rooms that embrace them?

Melon walls, bright whites, pops of blue and yellow... this space is crisp and refreshing...  (photo credit: bhg)



Pink melon stripes with cool blue walls and pops of green make this little girl's space the perfect retreat from the heat.  (photo credit: a la mode)



Melon walls with rich greens and luxurious accessories are the perfect combination in this room.  That wall is wallpaper (I've been hunting for the brand, if you know it let me know!), but I am wondering if I could get that effect with paint...  I sense an experiment coming on!  (photo credit: The lennox)




I love how the melon tones of the chair, bookshelf and hall are muted slightly by the green/gray of the bookcase...   (photo credit: sheridan french)




More sherbet than melon, but equally refreshing in my book.  Pinks and greens are a can't go wrong combo.  (photo credit: elle decor)




Talk about happiness...  melon and sherbet colors unite to make this fun loving piece of art.  photo credit


Would you use melon inspired tones in your home? 



Hope you are staying cool! 

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day dreams

Everyone has their own sense of style.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are drawn to certain colors, shapes, textures which make up a room and give it a style.  While I appreciate many different styles, I definitely have my own which I try to reflect in my home.  But, I do rent.  And that limits what I can do to create these looks, despite having the best landlord ever.  There are just things I can't do.  And so,  I have a secret pinterest board dedicated to my future home.  On it goes photos from which I want to draw inspiration, imitate, or remember for the future.  So, shall we tour my future house of dreams and get a peek at my own design aesthetic? 


These images come from my personal pinterest board and reflect my style.  Let's see if there are any trends...

I love a well organized pantry, but something about this bookshelf turned pantry in that perfect green just speaks to me.   (from elli)



That bed. I love.  I equally love the dark gray wall and bright white trim.  (mysweetsavanah)



Entries are an area I struggle with in my own home.  They always end up cluttered, full of mail and shoes, and a bit discombobulated.  This entry space is beautiful.  I love the rug, the warm neutral all and that cart table is perfect. (from house and home)




This is my idea of the perfect back entry.  It's casual enough to make you feel like kicking off your shoes, but still cohesive and airy.  I like airy.  (from vintage house)



Who doesn't love a great closet?  I've always wanted a girly space painting in pink.  I always thought it would be a bathroom but now that I live with the boy, it may have to be my future closet.  (found here)



That kitchen cart/island...  I want it.  (infinite paradox)



And finally, a little glam in the bathroom.   (from providence design)


Now, what do you think my design aesthetic says about me??  What is yours?

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patriotic rooms.

We are one day away from the fourth!  How do you celebrate?  Each year the boy and I travel to my hometown (my favorite town!) to watch the parade, spend time with family and hang out at my father's annual fourth celebration where every year the fireworks get better and better.  We leave early tomorrow morning, but as you prepare for your plans, whatever they may be, we thought we'd share with you some rooms to get you in the mood.


a classic palette of warm whites, deep reds and true blues give this room a patriot feel.  (from here)




a blue-gray on the walls in the perfect backdrop of bright reds and whites in this America the Beautiful inspired kid's room.  (source)




I love this one because it looks every day to me, rather just for the fourth.  The classic neutral on the walls with a mixture of red and blue textiles in fun prints is the perfect combination.  (photo from here)




all american, clean and classic is this beautiful space.  Bright white walls and duvets are the anchor for the bold tones. (source)




blue stripes, red accents, wild prints...  what's not to love?  (source)




and finally this space which feels perfectly comfortable and patriotic at the same time.  (from here)



Try our combination of reds, whites and blues!



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no stripes today.

I know I promised that we would be posting a stripe tutorial today for you.  Sadly, it's not quite ready.  What I didn't tell you about our weekend adventure was that on the way down the mountain I messed myself up pretty good.  You see, there was this smiley face.  It seemed so fitting.  We had just climbed a beautiful mountain, enjoyed lunch at the top and I felt strong as we headed down the mountain.  I saw a smiley face carved into a tree.  It, in return, made me smile and so I pointed it out to the boy wanting him to smile also.  He did and then promptly slipped.  The trail was very wet from all the rain we've been having and required constant attention.  Regardless, I laughed at him for slipping (he was perfectly fine) and just as I started to say, "I guess I shouldn't point anything out to distract --" my foot wedged between two rocks and I hit the ground hard.  On the way down my ankle gave a loud pop as it sprung loose from the rocks.  I don't know how but I ended up on my back grasping my ankle.  My first thought was "it's broken."  My second thought was "eff, this hurts."  My third thought was, "how the heck am I going to get off this mountain?"  The boy was bent over me with concern all over his face which really worried me so he quickly changed his tune to humor.  Something that makes me feel better.  But I'm not the best patient and I kept telling him that I just needed a minute and making noises like Ouch,  Ohhh and Wah...  And then a miraculous thing happened.  My ankle and foot went mostly numb.  I said, "I think I can walk now," the boy helped me into a standing position, and we slowly picked our way down the mountain.  I'd also like to point out that while this was going on my dog, the one I thought would always come to my rescue, just stood there looking at me like I was a buffoon.  As we hiked down I could feel my sock get tighter and tighter as my ankle swelled and I asked the boy to remind me that even if something was wrong with my ankle it wouldn't be life threatening.  I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and my mind often takes me to the worst case scenarios.  He reassured me that no, bone fragments weren't going to travel to my heart and kill me, and yes, it was normal for it to be swelling so fast, and no, i wouldn't lose my foot.  As we neared the bottom of the mountain, the pain increased and I started to get really grumpy.  The boy took the brunt of my wrath like a champ and cheered me on until we got to the car.  I took off my boots and my socks and saw that indeed something was really wrong with my ankle. 


Fast forward to today. I'm still sitting on the couch with my foot on three pillows.  It is rapidly getting larger and more purple and I suspect the doctor will be mad at me for not coming in sooner.  Don't worry, I'm on my there shortly.  But what this all means is that I can't paint stripes.  And so there is no tutorial today.  


But fear not!  I found two great tutorials on this very subject matter from around the web and am sharing them here just in case you can't wait for our own:


One of my favorite DIY blogs out there,Young House Love, did a superb tutorial on horizontal stripes.  Check it out! 

Andthis one, from Songbird,is comprehensive as well and even uses fancy gadgets if you are into that. 


I promise our tutorial is still coming, but it will most likely be next week at this point.  My apologies for not having it for you today!  

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Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday!  Welcome back to the work week...  I hope you had a great weekend.  The boy and I had a rare weekend "off".  We had no obligations and no time schedule to meet.  In anticipation of our first free weekend since the weather turned warmer we brainstormed ideas for how to spend it in the days leading up to Friday.  Kayaking, hiking, exploring our beautiful town, going to the garden store, weeding, and relaxing were all on the list.  We weren't able to check everything off, but we did a fair amount:


various views from the ferris wheel in gloucester for st. peter's fiesta.  i love this town. 


the greasy pole.  this a gloucester event that has been going on since (or before) 1931 (I got a few different stories).  Each year, they grease up this 40 foot pole that lives in the harbor and brave men (no ladies, but maybe someday?) attempt to run to the end and capture a flag.  First one to get the flag gets the glory.  Most fall into the water, some hit the pole on their way down earning serious shrieks from the crowd. It's quite the unique experience... (don't worry about the grease in the water,  they use biodegradable axle grease, Crisco, Tabasco and banana peels to grease the pole...)



Sunday we got up early, loaded the pup in the car and headed toward the Whites:

and hiked Mt. Moosilauke.


the top of this mountain is incredible with 360 degree views of the region.


Ms. Rigby had no trouble with the 6 mile hike to the top (we huffed and puffed a bit more). 



There is nothing like a good summer weekend.   What did you do with yours?


This week is a short one, but we have a lot for you.  Andi's bathroom reveal, a tutorial on stripes and some new colors are all on the docket...  stay tuned!  




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stripes and other news

 Yesterday I posted this photo on facebook:

with the caption "I'm adding a touch of color to my now white bathroom.  help me choose a color?!"  So far, teal is in the lead, but not by much!  If you want to get in on the action of helping me pick a color cast your vote by heading to our facebook page (or just leave a comment here).  I plan on completing this project this afternoon, so the winning color as of 2 pm is the one I'll go with...

In other news, the boy is having his colleagues over today for little "work retreat".  The plan was to have a meeting in the backyard sunshine before grilling up some lunch and heading off to the beach.  But it's raining.  This means, no doubt, my place of work (this home) will be taken over by the seven guys and one brave lady who make up the boy's company.  This means, no doubt, I will find myself serenaded by the sounds of laughter, loud music and bottles popping while painting away.  This means, no doubt, I will spent the morning before their arrival deep cleaning the house and making pies to fulfill this unexplained deep-rooted need to appear the good homemaker to company.  But this also means, no doubt, I will be treated to a scrumptious lunch and maybe even be able to take a break to enjoy a good game of monopoly.   Anything but Risk (I hate that game).  Life is tough.

Anyway.  We received a request to do a tutorial on stripes.  This will be up on Tuesday, but in the meantime I thought I would share some striped inspiration to get you all thinking about how to incorporate them in your home.

There are so many options when it comes to stripes:

You can go with horizontal stripes or vertical stripes.  (from here & here)

Or a combination thereof:

from here

skinny stripes or thicker stripes...  (from here & here)

or a combination thereof:

from here

You can make stripes as colorful as the rainbow or stick with a monochromatic feel.  (from here & here

Stripes can be bold and beautiful or subtle and serene.  (from here & here)

Stripes can be high or they can low.  (from here & here)

Stripes can really be anything you want....  just go for it. 

your kids will thank you (I found this adorable photo on pinterest and can't find the original source - let me know if you know and I'll update!)

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a painted piano gift.

For a sweet little one's birthday present, the boy and I decided to re-do an antique child's piano.  Well, actually I decided - the boy didn't quite trust me until it arrived and he got to play with it.  Then he was on board.  The piano was a 2nd birthday present for our niece: a bubbly, active little girl.  The piano arrived a few weeks ago and we got to work giving it a makeover.

It was so fun to transform this antique little piano.  We found this one on ebay...  and there are plenty more where this came from.  

Here's how we did it:

1. Give piano a good wipe down to remove dust, dirt, etc.

Ours was in pretty good shape so this didn't take long... 

2.  Sand the piano:

Use a pretty fine grit sand paper and give the whole thing a good sanding.  Then wipe down again to remove dust. 

3.  Prime it:

Put a coat of primer on the piano.  I get a lot of calls from folks saying the primer looks streaky on wood..  this is totally fine.  It's still doing its job and doesn't need to look like you would want your coat of paint to look. It's just giving the paint something to hold onto...  so no worries if it looks like mine in the above photo. 

4. Pick your color:

We custom mixed this one, because I wanted something a little different than what we offer in our collection.  It's a beautiful minty-green that feels fresh and summery.  What do you think?  Should we add it to our collections??  (ps. that reminds me - we do offer matching services to any color your heart desires if you can't find it in our collections...  it isn't a service we have displayed prominently on the website, but we are working on making it more clear.)

5. Paint the piano:

This is after the first coat.  You can see it needed two coats.  So wait for the first coat to dry completely than give it a second coat.  

6.  Add the details:

The boy and I debated accent colors for a while before deciding on bloom.  We put a few stripes on the front legs and free-handed her name across the front (all in between rounds of cards and a few beverages on a weekend evening). 

I used painters tape and smaller artist's brushes for this part.  It made the script much easier to execute. 

7. Finally:  Let it dry and wrap it up! 


Voila.  A pretty gift for a pretty (and smart!) little girl... 

Oh and 8:  receive payment

(did I mention she is the best hug giver?  That's the boy sucking up this special moment)

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the summer fireplace.

I love having a fireplace.  Even up until last month it was nice to start a fire on a chilly spring night and enjoy the hominess that a fire creates.  But now what?  It's summer (not technically, but it sure feels that way) and our fireplace is still the focal point of our living room.  Leave it to Pinterest to give me some great ideas to keep my fireplace looking fresh, even in the summer:

So what do you think I should do with mine? 
Place beautiful antique pitchers full of flowers in front of it?  (from LittleMissHomes)

Display coral and shells from the shore near my house?  (from inspiration for decoration)

Use big blooms to fill the space?   (from braided willow)

Store books and art in it?   (found here)

Hang an antique window frame in the space??  (from ana rosa)

Or store pretty pieces of wood in it?  (found on pinterest)

All votes and ideas considered! 

(and don't think I didn't notice all of the fireplaces I chose for inspiration are white! If only I could paint mine....)

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