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mother &


design and color lovers with the next generation in mind.

Lisa, a highly sought interior designer in New England, was tired of specifying paints for her clients that didn't live up to her standards. She wanted colors just so and she wanted a paint whose only impact on the world was beautiful.  Big goals. 

Andi, daughter to Lisa, came on board to help make Lisa's dream a reality. After spending summer after summer painting with Lisa while in highschool, she wasn't sure she wanted to jump into the paint life again.  But she's happy she did and uses only QHP in her own home.  You can find them in Portsmouth, NH - often covered in paint.

curated color

No more second guessing your color choices

With Quiet Home Paints' two collections and 12 palettes, you can rest assured that the colors you choose will work together. 

Each color was hand created with care and years of design experience to ensure you are choosing from only the best colors that Lisa herself would be proud to spec in a home.  

The palettes were designed with homeowners in mind.  We offer colors based on a general feeling you are trying to achieve.  In addition, many of our colors were created to work in different strengths and we give you that option when ordering. 

QHP - paint covers.jpg

a quiet mission

in impact and design 

The name Quiet Home Paints came from our desire to create a line of paints that was quiet in its color choices AND in it's environmental impacts.  We don't overload you with hundreds of color choices.  And we don't overload your home with toxins.  There is nothing loud about Quiet Home Paints.  

We know how important your health and that of your family is which is why we are as transparent as possible about what is and what is not in our paint AND our colorants.

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