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a custom touch

It doesn't take a lot of paint to create a custom look in your room.  In just a few minutes, with a few samples pots of paint, Lisa added these adorable little details to two of her grandbabies' rooms. 

While Lisa is a very talented artist, you don't have to have those skills to make this happen.  Polka dots are fail proof.  Stars are pretty hard to mess up.  And even flowers are perfect for those of us nervous about our painting skills.  We much prefer this hand-painted look to the wall decals we are seeing around.  

On our color touch, Lisa hand painted a few branches with some birds swooping to and fro. 


And on our color Puff, a few butterflies take flight. 


Right before I went to middle school we moved into a new house.  Lisa painted a tree in my new room - the branches arching over my bed and I fell asleep every night under her artistry.  It really is a special treat to sleep in a room with a personal touch - I speak from experience. 

Ready to try your hand in adding custom details?   What will you paint?  My own baby girl's walls are covered in Fedora and I'm thinking a few white wispy clouds might be fun.  Or maybe some bright white insects silhouettes?


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a fancy nursery!

I'm back!  After more time away than I'd imagined (sometimes my little one is just too cute to concentrate on much else), I'm back on the blog.  Hello!  I've missed writing and sharing updates of our projects and while I've been away we have racked up quite a few.  I'm going to try to share at least once a week, hopefully more.   And to start things off, today we have an awesome collaboration to share with you. 

As you know, we are local to Portsmouth and therefore love hearing about other little companies making a go of it in the same area.  Enter: Fancy Face Studio - an awesome little company specializing in the making of beautiful party decor.  They credit their start to their mothers (a sentiment we can fully get behind being a mother-daughter team ourselves) and offer balloons, decals, and our favorite - TASSELS! 

They have a variety of options to choose from and kindly offered us one after we realized how amazing these would be as nursery decor.  Oh the choices!  

We settled on Lady Slipper - as it pairs beautifully with our color touch. 

If you are looking for a little something special to add to your nursery or next party, definitely check out Fancy Face Studio.  All tassels are made to order to prevent damage or wrinkling while sitting around waiting to be purchased.  

Other combinations we like? 


Fancy Face's lavender and springtime with our wisp and peep



Or how about Fancy Face's Ocean Gold and our bolt and pool?



Thanks Fancy Face!  We love the tassel (as does the occupant of this room!).  

what a little cutie! 


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Take the Color Quiz!

Some fun, little trivia to see what you know about color!


1. What is the most popular “favorite color”?





2. How do you create a tint? 

-Add black

-Add Water

-Add white

-Add yellow

3. What is said to be the most calming color?





4. What is the most popular car color?





5. What is said to be the most attention grabbing color? 






Answers: (blue, add white, pink, silver, red)
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Table Transformation!

Here’s a look at a fun, easy, and beautiful way to transform the aesthetic of your dining room table!



We found these linen placemats for little money and couldn’t wait to get started on this project! They were the perfect size, and just flexible enough that they can be used as either placemats or napkins. (Or both!) 

We’ll show you how we transformed a placemat. Once dry, you can simply fold the fabric and voila; it’s a napkin!

First step, set up your painting space and gather materials. All you’ll need is your favorite Quiet Home Paints colors. (We chose our Iceberg blue, Mint Sorbet, and our rich kelly Green, Emma!) Don't they look great together??


The only other materials you need are some stamps; we used the bottom of a celery stalk (looks like a flower!) and some scalloped ginger snap cookies. Funny materials, we know, but they really work! (And you can eat the rest;) You can get really creative with what stamps you choose.

First step: Take your printing materials and lightly dip it into a blob of paint, making sure the entire surface is covered. Each time, before you print on the surface, lightly stamp on newspaper to get rid of the excess paint and prevent smudging.

You can go crazy with how you decide to place the stamps on your surface! We were pretty sporadic with our method:) 

Using ginger snaps for art was very interesting but look at the design it creates! To get this look, we dipped the edges of the scalloped cookie in paint. From there, we rolled the edges across the placemat to get a checkered, “perforated” look.  

There you go! We think your table will thank you;)

Since all of our paints are all natural and organic, they are completely safe to have on your table and around food…isn’t that cool? You could also try this project on bedding, throw pillows…anything! 

Be sure to let us know how yours turn out! 

Happy painting!


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Make a Name for Yourself! (A DIY project on making name tags;)


What is an inexpensive but cute way to decorate a nursery? What is a sweet and unique gift to get a newborn? If you’ve ever wondered these questions, this project is for you! 

(It’s also a fun project for kids to create and display in their rooms as well!)

Today, we made name signs for Lisa’s two littlest grandchildren: Esen and Logan.

Let’s get started!

We painted the first layer with two coats of Touch (our lightest pink). We found that a meduim-sized artist’s brush works great!  

Now for the decoration....

We took a small artist’s brush and had some fun with the details. For Esen’s we painted lots of tiny hearts with Wisp (light purple).


For Logan’s name, we painted the first layer with Mist (light blue). The details are painted with Sprig (spring green). We used a variety of designs like polka dots and stripes on each letter.

The final step? 

You can display these little beauties however you like! For Esen’s name, we tied a white ribbon across each letter so we could hang it on her crib. You can also use double-sided tape to hang the letters to the wall like we did for Logan!

Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

Happy painting!

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Quiet Home Paints Takes the Red Carpet!


Did you have some favorite dresses this awards season?

We sure did. Some of the dresses drew a shockingly similar resemblance to some Quiet Home Paints colors! (Pretty cool:)

We believe nothing is more chic than matching outfits to rooms in your house…just kidding;) We assembled some of our favorite looks from the Grammy’s, SAG’s, and Golden Globes and matched them to these beautiful Quiet Home Paints colors! 

What do you think?


Our bright Aqua, Splash, looks stunning on Taylor Swift’s Elie Saab dress at the Grammy’s!


Felicity Jones makes our color, Touch, look extra classy in her Balenciaga dress at the Screen Actor’s Guild. 


Our regal, emerald green, Emma, looks dazzling on Scarlett Johanssen’s Versace dress at the Oscars.


And now for the men…. 


Sam Smith was a big winner at the Grammy’s wearing a classy black suit. Our color, Vintage Tux, is a fitting match for the event!

John Legend goes bold in a grey tux that looks like our color, Fedora!

Eddie Redmayne humbly took center stage in a deep blue suit at the Oscars. Quite the match for our color, Bolt!


So, out of these looks, what’s your favorite? Are you inspired to paint your room in T-Swift turquoise? 


Happy Painting!


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paint it pink for breast cancer!

We are so excited to jump on the pink wagon this month and offer 10% off any of our pinks for the remainder of October.  So paint something pink and help raise awareness for breast cancer.  It's a cause near and dear to our hearts.  Not sure where you can add pink to your home?  See Maggie's latest idea below and a few other inspiring ideas following.  Enjoy!  - Andi





This past weekend, we worked on a small paint project in honor of breast cancer awareness month! We used rocks from the beach and our six beautiful pink hues to make some cute decor. Read along to see how we did it:

So many choices… which ones should we choose?!?



We hand-picked rocks at the beach and toted them to the studio to paint.


We used our six pink colors; Peony, Jumbleberry, Bloom, Touch, Slipper and Petal to decorate them!



We collected rocks of various shapes, sizes and colors and hand-painted each one. Some were covered in paint, and others had simple design! It’s fun to mix up the rocks so each one is different and all look great when piled together!


Looks like they’re ready for their close-up!



We chose to display the painted rocks in a bowl as a centerpiece for a table! Here’s how they look! The tablecloth and napkins are from one of our favorite stores; Anthropologie:)



You can do this project with any colors you like! They would look good and add happiness to any space. Let us know if you do this project at home! We are excited to see what you come up with!


Here’s a look at our pink hues-in order. We have; Petal, Jumbleberry, Bloom, Touch, Peony, and Slipper!  



You can order samples or sample pots online of any colors you like!


Here’s to a cure!


H a p p y  P a i n t i n g ! ! !




and just a few more inspiring pink projects:

Don't forget to order your pink today - 10% off with the code FORACURE. 

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Paint your pumkins this fall.

We are so excited to announce that our intern, Maggie, who has been with us for a few years on and off when she had time while completing her degree has now taken on a bigger role at Quiet Home Paints.  You may have noticed that our instagram feed is getting regularly updated again.  That's thanks to Maggie who will be taking over a lot of our social media marketing.  We are so happy to have her!  Today she shares her first blog post.  We will start signing our blog posts since I will continue writing some as well (and hopefully Lisa!).  So today, Welcome Maggie!  - Andi


Happy Fall Everyone!

Today we are sharing a little fall decor project that uses pumpkins and some of our all-natural paints! This project is easy and fun for kids of all ages! 

Here is what we started with…


 We walked these little pumpkins to our studio and went straight to work trying to select the perfect colors to use. (There are 62 great choices!)



Since we had three pumpkins, we decided to do three different styles. For the first one, we used our chalkboard paint in the color Jump! Our chalkboard paint comes in every single color of Quiet Home Paints. It just so happened we had our bright orange color in the studio just begging to be used:).


Here is a pic in the middle of production…



For the next pumpkin, we decided to make happy faces! As Jack-O-Lanterns are popular at this time of year, we drew our inspiration from them and made two new friends; Jack and Jackie-O-Lantern! Its fun to get creative with faces; happy, scary, silly…. the ideas are endless! We were in a happy mood so we made two happy faces on one pumpkin! Meet Jack-O-Lantern and Jackie-O-Lantern looking fabulous in our colors; Peep, Emma, Bolt, Breathe, Petal, Chirp, Jumbleberry and Lemon Ice! 



For the third pumpkin, we chose to do a design pumpkin that is bright and colorful! This one kind of looks like a parachute, don’t you think?



 So, here they are! Do you recognize them? I think they like being outside with other fall scenery:)


 There are so many ways to paint pumpkins and add a little fun to your surroundings during this festive time of year! Be sure to send us some pictures of your creations if you decide to do this fun project too-we would love to see them!


H a p p y  P a i n t i n g !


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It's chilly here in the Northeast and despite the fact that fall is still technically a week away, it sure feels as though it has already arrived.  This time of year always has me turning our to our Camp Palette.  It's rustic, earthy, and natural and seems like the perfect fit for fall:

clockwise from top-left:  truck, spool, minnow, foxtail, husk, pebble

This palette is actually perfect for natural, earthy rooms any time of the year, but I find myself turning to it for inspiration when the air gets cool. 

Here is pebble.  Perfect for all seasons, but downright special in the fall paired with natural fibers. 


Or how about this space?  Foxtail, the deep brown, anchors our golden tone, husk to create a really beautiful space.  Add a little red (our truck which is on the stool) and it's perfection. 


What inspires you this season??



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how to safely paint a crib

Ok!  So we painted our crib.  It was a big job with all those spindles and we, of course, chose the hottest weekend ever to complete the project, but we did it and we love it! 

Today I am going to explain each step to you in case you are looking to do the same.  I'll share not only the process giving you the tools to create a beautiful, durable finish - but the knowledge you need to make sure you are painting your crib in a safe way for your baby... it's all in the materials! 


Let's talk about safety first.  The reason we chose to go this route is because so many of the finishes on cribs available now are not non-toxic.  Not only that, but the finishes are mostly really standard: white, off-white, and some various wood tones.  We wanted more color than that and we wanted to know exactly what was going on our crib.  If you plan to paint your crib, consider the following:


1. Is the paint (& primer) you are using safe?  Really safe?  

With our paints, I don't have to worry about this. I know and am 100% confident of the safety.  Our paint not only is free of all VOCs that might off-gas into the air our little one breathes, but it is free of ALL other toxins that might linger, off-gas or be potentially harmful should she chew on the crib.  When you purchase paint for this project, we highly recommend ours. Obviously.  But should you be going another route, you should read their MSDS carefully and look for any potential dangerous ingredients.  Even paints marked no VOC can still contain a small amount of VOCs and have few restrictions on other toxins.  So do your research! 


2. What are you painting over?

We chose this IKEA hardwood unfinished crib.  I originally thought the base was particle board which was a huge bummer, but when it showed up I found that IKEA has changed this and the base is hardwood also.  Wonderful!  There are a lot of unfinished hardwood cribs out there to choose from if you are going this route, but be sure to call the manufacturers and ask because a lot of them contain SOME hardwood and SOME particle board.  This isn't to say you can't paint over something other than an unfinished crib.  The unfinished crib gave us certainty that we knew each component, but if you have a crib that's been kicking around there is no reason you can't paint it - the process is the same and while our paint won't seal in any toxins from the previous finish, re-finishing an older crib is a nice, sustainable option.  


3.  The mattress.  Why bother going through all this effort to create a non-toxic crib if the mattress is going to be full of VOCs and other yucky stuff.  The mattress was a big point for us because a lot of the organic mattresses are super expensive.  I'm talking as expensive as our own mattress (which by the way is NOT organic...  sigh).  We registered for this mattress, after doing our research. It seemed to be the best choice that fit into our budget, but don't forget this piece.  If you are painting more for the color and less for the non-toxic piece this may not be important to you.  Just something to consider! 


Ok.  So you have your crib and your truly non-toxic paint in a fun color.  Now what?  Here are the details on how to get the job done:


1. Sand ALL pieces of crib lightly. 

We chose to do this before we set up a crib so we could really get into all the nooks and crannies.  If you are not sure what material your crib is made out of or what finish is currently on it, you may want to wear a mask during this part to avoid breathing in the dust.  No need to go crazy sanding. A light once over is perfectly adequate. 


2.  Wipe down all pieces with a damp cloth and allow to dry.  

It's important to remove all the dust you created by sanding, otherwise it will end up in your paint and create lumps. 


3. Assemble crib, if not already done. 

We chose to put our crib together to paint it.  You can definitely do it in pieces as well, we just felt like it was easier when the pieces could stand on their own rather than having to lean them on something and do each side separately.  Totally up to you! 


4. Prime. 

An important step.  The primer is the first layer and will create a great base for your choice color.  While it is important to cover the entire space, don't worry if it looks a little streaky or uneven.  

Tips:  Paint WITH the grain of the wood for each piece.  Even at this stage you want your brush strokes to be flat and even. Watch for drips and try to be neat.  You can easily fix anything as you will need to sand again anyway (sorry) but it's good practice time for the finish coat. 



5.  Allow primer to dry completely. 

We say overnight, but really - a few hours should be good.  


6.  Lightly sand.  Again. 

The whole thing.  

You will feel the difference immediately.  If you run your hand over the crib once you've primed it and it has dried you'll notice it feels a little rough.  A very light sand will smooth it right out and create the perfect base for your next coat.  COLOR! 


7.  Wipe off any dust. 

Again, you don't want this to end up in your paint. 


8.  Add your color! AKA paint it!

This is the fun part and when you can really start to see the transformation begin.  We chose to use our color Slipper from the Estate Collection.  It's a perfectly sweet pink.  

No matter what color you've chosen the process is the same. I like to start at the top of each piece and work my way down, that way I can catch any drips as I work and brush them out.  Again, you want to paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood for EACH piece. 


9.  Allow to dry completely. 


10.  Check for any drips/imperfections

Before doing your second (and final) coat, go over the crib and look for any drips you may have missed.  You can sand these down now.  Also look for any areas you may have missed all together (the undersides of the top rails were the culprit for us).  Make any adjustments before applying your final coat. 


11.  Add your second coat and allow to dry. 

The second coat goes much faster.  Be sure to follow the grain of the wood again and be as neat as possible.  Once it has dried, you're done!  


Now lets talk materials:

Paint: If you are using our paint, be sure to use our Satin finish.  It is designed for furniture/trim and is really durable.  It has a slight sheen which looks great on furniture.  You could also use our chalkboard finish which is durable enough for this project and could be fun if your crib has larger areas on the outside the kids could eventually draw on.  There is less sheen with this finish if that is what you are going for.   Again, we use Slipper

Primer:  We used our wood primer which has the same great non-toxic, zero voc, awesome qualities as our paint.  Try it!  

Sanding Block/Paper:  We used a relatively fine grit sanding block.  The boy, who did all of the sanding, likes to use sanding blocks as opposed to paper because his hand doesn't get as tired, but either will work.  Sometimes I like the paper because I can bend it around the spindles rather than having to run the block all the way around. 

Brushes:  A good angled paint brush will work best for you here.  If you have a crib with larger areas you could use a small foam roller as well, but be sure to brush it out after you roll it to create a flat finish. 

Drop cloth: We just used the box the crib came in, but a drop cloth, old sheet, blanket, etc. will do to protect your floors. 

Rags:  One for wiping dust and one for wiping any drips.

Good Attitude:  Am I so lame?  But seriously, painting all those spindles takes some time and can be annoying so go into it thinking about what a good thing you are doing for your baby and put on some nice music. Enlist your partner or friend if they are willing.  Company helps!  The boy and I started at opposite ends and worked clockwise.  


That Rigby, she can't resist a good photoshoot.  

We still have some things to finish on the crib.  We haven't attached the base yet, because I'm in the process of sewing a crib skirt for it (have I mentioned my obsession for my new sewing machine?).  I'll show you pics when I'm done, but I'm using these two fabrics:

It will be mostly the gold polka dots with just a peek a boo of the green...  can't wait to finish it! 

Then of course we need to add the mattress and bedding. I'm thinking pretty simple for the bedding - white most likely.  That's the last big project we have for the nursery.  Other small things Include hanging the curtains:

I had some extra sheers from IKEA and added this emerald ball trim which I found at etsy for $5! 


We also need to finish the room divider and then accessorize.  Time is running out - better get on it! 


So today I'll leave you with a photo of my belly - the little, growing person who will eventually call this room home...  taken by my seriously talented sister, Leigh Dameron.  Tomorrow I'm 31 weeks... 


If only she lived closer and could take pictures of the nursery for me.  She's so amazing... both behind the lens and in general. 


Thanks for following along.  The next post will be the completed nursery, so stay tuned for better photos, from real cameras...  


ps. sorry for all the iphone photos... my big girl camera is officially dead so until I get a new one I'm stuck with the iphone.

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