4 simple ways to transform your holiday table with paint

 If you are like me, this week will be hectic with cleaning, prepping, and planning decor for the upcoming holiday.  So today, we wanted to share with you some really easy, simple ways to transform your holiday table into something really spectacular using paint.  Enjoy! 


Our four simple ways to transform your holiday table with paint:


1. Chalk drawn runner

This is so fun and easy.   Start with a table top painted in our chalkboard paint.  Don't limit yourself to just black.  Chalkboard paint is available in all of our colors!  I chose our emerald green, emma, for this tabletop.  I think it is festive and beautiful.   After a coat of primer and two coats of chalkboard paint, you are ready to design your own custom runner. 


All you need is a painted tabletop in chalkboard, some stencils (or you could free hand it) and some chalk. 


then just fill in the stencil...  easy peasy. 


I did two rows to get a substantial runner.  


and Viola!  I think vines and leaves could be really pretty, too.  Or leave a piece of chalk for each guest to record the things for which they are thankful.  By the end of the night you should have a table really worthy of the holiday. 



2.  A place for everything (marked with chalk). 

How nice would it be to know each dish you are serving will have a place and fit on the table nicely?  Done.  Start with a tabletop in chalkboard paint and mark out clearly where each dish will be placed, person will sit and item will go.  Serving dinner has never been easier.   Plan out in advance which platters you will be using and arrange them empty on the table.  Once you have a placement you like, trace around each dish and mark them with chalk. 


hint: if you don't want to commit to painting your table in chalkboard paint, grab a piece of plywood (please ask for the nice, toxin free kind - its worth the extra bucks) and place it over your existing table.  The boy wouldn't let me paint our heirloom dining table, so I just painted this tabletop I had from IKEA instead...  works brilliantly. 



3.  Custom candlesticks:

I love this project.  You can really jazz up your table by adding painted candlesticks that you yourself have designed to coordinate with your other design choices.  I chose to feature some other colors from the estate palette since my table was painted in the brilliant jewel toned, emma.  I used ballgown and slipper on the candlesticks to add some more pop and added touches of torn skirt to coordinate.  


Just start with wood candlestick holders from any craft store and paint away.  


I love these.  (and you can win them!  Details below!)


4.  Use hand dipped ornaments as joint placecards/favors for guests to take home. 

How nice for the guests to know where to sit and have a little something to take home with them (aside from leftovers)


Start with plain white ornaments and dip the lower half into the colors of your choice.  Use a paint brush to wipe off excess at the bottom and hang to dry.  Add guests' names and place at each setting...  





And there you have it.  Four really easy ways to transform your table with paint.  


And happy painting!!! 



ps. I almost forgot!  Do you want to win these custom, hand painted in our own organic, non-toxic paints candlestick holders for your own table??  check us out on facebook to enter!  You'll find a post on our page about the giveaway...  like it and you're in the running!