Ask us anything: Painting a dresser

Dear QHP, 


I am expecting a little one in May and working on the nursery.  I'd like to paint a hand-me-down dresser to bring new life to it.  I have seen a lot of posts on Pinterest for inspiration, but am wondering if your paints would work for this purpose and also if you have any tips about how to accomplish the job.  I've never done a DIY project like this before. 



-nurturing nester

First, let me start out by saying congratulations!  We wish you and your growing family much joy.  Now to answer your questions.  Yes, our paints can absolutely be used to re-finish your dresser.  In fact, they are a great choice especially because you want to do the painting yourself.  With many paints you would be encouraged to leave the house while any painting was being done or to wear a gas mask.  That is not the case with our paints - you can use them without any fear for your or your growing little one's health.  

Now for some tips:  

-Anytime you are painting furniture we recommend using our Satin finish.  It is incredibly durable and will be your best choice to prevent chipping down the road.  It has a slight sheen to it which looks really nice on furniture pieces.  All of our colors are available in this finish, so pick your favorite(s). 

-Don't forget to prep the piece!  This is the least fun part of the painting process, but the most important.  You need to prep the piece so the paint will adhere and you won't find yourself having to repaint over and over again.  Prepping steps depend on what kind of shape your piece is in.  If it is just wood, with no finish to it, you will want to sand and prime the piece.  If it is previously painted, you will want to sand the piece but might be able to get away without priming, again depending on the condition.  Once sanded, wipe off any dust with a cloth.  Allow any primer to dry overnight before painting. 

-Use the right tools!  When painting make sure you are using tools of good quality that are right for the job.  A nice angled brush is perfect for smaller pieces or details, while a good foam roller helps to create a smooth finish on bigger areas. Tape is always encouraged if you are using more than color to help get a straight line or for any detail work (like stripes or chevrons). 

-Be creative!  Don't be intimidated to add color or design elements.  It is only paint after all and easily changed if you aren't overjoyed at the result.  But in our experience the more creative you are willing to be, the more in love you will fall with the piece once it is done. 


Hope that helps!  Have so much fun giving your piece a facelift.  One of my favorite things about paint is how easily it can transform something into a one of a kind piece.  Send us photos!