QHP with Circle Furniture

One of our goals from the very beginning has been to change the way people shop for and buy paint.  The idea was two-fold:  first, allowing people to buy their paint online without any of the back and forth to the paint store and lugging heavy gallons to and from the car.  This part we accomplished early and are happy to report is going incredibly well.  Once our customers get used to the idea that they can shop for paint online, most are thrilled that the paint will arrive on their doorstep, ready to use.  The second part was more challenging, but very exciting to us: offering our paint, not in paint stores, but in home furnishing and design stores to make the paint buying experience part of the whole home shopping experience.  We feel strongly that if home owners are able to buy their paint at the same time, in the same place, that they are buying their rugs, couches, art, etc they will have an enhanced shopping experience.  Not only will they benefit from the help of design consultants to choose paint colors that work with their other purchases, but they can see the colors together right there in the store giving them piece of mind that yes, these colors will work together in my home.  


We are happy to report that the second part of this goal is now a reality with our recent partnership with Circle Furniture.  Circle Furniture is a beautiful home store with seven locations in Massachusetts.  Walking into their store is always a treat as you are instantly greeted with bright colors, beautiful furnishings and fresh arrangements.  If you love our paints for their quality, safety, and environmentally friendly nature, you will not be disappointed with the other offerings at Circle Furniture.




We have installed a revolutionary ipad application in four of their stores (listed below) which will allow you to buy our paint right through the store.  The app makes the buying process easy and the store is stocked with large samples of our colors so you can walk around holding them up to each piece of furniture that you are also considering for your home.  Circle Furniture's design consultants are all fully trained on our paint and can help you determine what sheen of paint you require and how much you will need.  



We also painted each of their stores in three of our colors...  we love how Peep, Splash and Bolt brighten up each location. 



While you can purchase our paint through any of their stores, our ipad stands can be found in the following locations:







We hope you will stop in one of the following locations and check out our paints in person!  We are thrilled to be able to offer our paint in this way and will be announcing more locations across the nation in the coming months. If there is a store in your area where you'd like to see Quiet Home Paints, let us know! 


ps.  You get 5% each purchase if you buy in the store!  Go check it out today!