New Colors for Summer!

It's a week of big things.  Monday we announced our partnership with Circle Furniture and today...  well, today we have this:


We are thrilled to unveil our newest palette of colors just in time for the summer heat.  These refreshing hues were inspired by our favorite summertime flavors.  From icy yellows to misty greens there is something sure to please every sun worshiper. 


Here in New England, the warmer weather is slow to take hold.  We've had a few nice days, but mostly it has been a cold and dreary spring.  Lately though I can feel the warmth creeping in and am rejoicing in the fact soon those summer days will be upon us.  Which of our new sorbet inspired colors would you like to see in your spaces? 


Here are some fabulous finds from around the web of similar colors to get you inspired:


(all images source from Pinterest)


ps. 20% off all new colors from this palette today only! Use code Coolitdown