from lisa: a color story (TWIRL)

Lisa will be writing once a month here and we are thrilled.  As the designer behind this line, we love to hear her thoughts on color.  Today, she talks about our vibrant purple, Twirl - a favorite of mine for bold accent walls in the nursery, playroom or for a piece of furniture.  Works great in chalkboard, too!  -Andi


I think my very favorite part of creating Quiet Home Paints was designing and naming the colors. Color is personal and the names (to me) should evoke a feeling.
Today’s color...Twirl.
When I made twirl I had the image of a little girl in a purple tutu. Purple has always been considered the color of royalty, but to me it is freedom and delight--the freedom to pick a color that is brave, unexpected and happy...
Some purples are serious, like our dusty Avenue Q—but Twirl is young and innocent. It is the freedom to wear mismatched clothes or to blow bubbles in math class. There is nothing serious about this color—and there shouldn’t be...
Pair it with Bee for a sunny summer garden room. Or Puff to quiet it a bit...Twirl with Grass stain keeps it fresh.