A Quiet Home Paints Baby: Nursery Progress

Ok, well...  I guess it is time to share the news.  I'm expecting!!  I am just about 20 weeks - almost half way! In mid-November Quiet Home Paints will gain a new little mascot and the boy and I will become a family of four (can't leave out Rigby!). We've been meaning to share the news for a while, but its been so busy around here and we just couldn't decide on a cute way to announce it.  Painted on a wall? Popping open a paint can with the news? Opening a can of blue for a boy and pink for a girl?  We thought about each of those, but alas...  progress has started on the nursery, so we decided we better quit with the theatrics and fill you in so we can also share our plans for and progress on the nursery as it happens. 


Here we are in our Sunday grub wear looking slightly disheveled as we start the nursery. As I am sure you can imagine, we have a lot of painting projects planned for the nursery.  It's been so nice to be able to work on these projects together with the boy with no fear of toxins entering my system and making their way to the little one growing inside.  It's always been what I love most about our paint - how safe it is - but I have to admit it has become even more of a plus now that I am growing a little human being in my belly.  


Before we even got pregnant, we had decided on a color scheme:


fedora/ whisper/ emma

Once we got the paint, I worried that the colors might be too heavy, but as progress continues, we are both loving the space and the colors.  So without further adieu, let's talk nursery!


The to-do list for this space is really long:

But we are checking things off slowly and surely.  Today, I'll be sharing the two main things we've completed.  Painting the walls and trim (arguably the biggest of the jobs) and the dresser makeover. 


Painting the Walls/Trim:

We never touched this room after moving in, despite the fact that it is the room we've slept in for two years and we've painted just about every other wall in the house. It was always just at the bottom of the to-do list. When we decided to have a baby, we figured we would turn this space into the nursery and move ourselves into what we now use as the guest room.  Why?  This space has one small closet while the current guest room has two.  Moving in there will allow both of us to have a closet (the boy's clothes have always been in there, so we just had to move my things).  The plan is that the nursery will also serve as a guest room, partitioned when necessary with a fabric divider.  I'll share more about this in July (that's when the hardware for hanging the fabric is due to arrive).  Depending on how good (great, hopefully???) of a sleeper we have, we may sleep in there when we have company and give guests the master.  We haven't quite figured it all out yet.  

So this is the color the room was/has been since we moved in.  A cool green.  Not bad, but not my taste and the walls were in really rough shape.  Sorry I don't have any shots of the room before all the work started.  Here we had already removed the heater covers and started work...  you get the idea though.


Also, the trim didn't match which is a huge pet peeve of mine (not to mention it was in ROUGH shape). The ceiling was bright white, but the rest of the trim, which extends to the ceiling in some places, was a warm white.  Either would have been fine with me, but not both.  So we added painting all the trim bright white to the to-do list. 


(better, right?)


We gathered our materials:


-paint: fedora in velvet, whisper in satin, emma in satin (this is for the dresser).

-rollers, roller pads, and roller trays

-various good quality, angled paint brushes for cutting and trim

-sanding block (we roughed up the existing painted trim and for the dresser)

not pictured:

-big bucket for mixing paint (explained below)

-small foam rollers (for closet doors and dresser)

-mixing sticks

-rags, drop cloths

-yogurt containers (to use while working on trim/cutting)


Then we mixed our paint:

We ordered fedora mixed in half strength.  It was still a little too dark for me so I mixed it together with a gallon of base I had laying around making it more like quarter strength. 


Then the boy started on the trim, while I started on the walls.  Doing both at the same time is not always the best idea (you don't want two wet edges adjoining) but we started in the same place and worked in opposite directions to allow for drying time before we reached each other in the middle. Once it was all painted, we put the bed back together but didn't move any other furniture in.  We will be doing that over the next few weeks as we put the nursery together slowly. 


This side of the room will be the guest room, partitioned off: 

(don't mind the lumpy bed - my AMAZING pregnancy pillow in under those blankets as we are still sleeping in here for the time being - as is our dog). 

And this side will be the nursery:

We love the color... it's so soft and dreamy.  And we are really happy with the contrast of the bright white trim.  That chair in the corner is next on the to-do list.  We love to use items we already have and make them feel new again.  Not only is a money saver, but it is so much better for the earth than buying new all the time.  You can see the dresser we refinished in this shot, so why not share that next? 


Feel free to take a coffee break.  This post is LONG! 


 Now the dresser:

The dresser, you guys, has been gone through a big transformation:



It literally just spent hours (actual hours) trying to get a picture of it in its original state off my old phone, but failed miserably.  We got this dresser for free off of craigslist about two years ago.  I painted it once for our bedroom and had intentions of switching out the hardware, but never got around to it.  Now it's gotten makeover round two for the nursery.  Bright white, with a surprise of emerald green and gold hardware.  I'll keep working on getting the original picture because it really has been quite the transformation, but in the meantime...


How'd we get to this point?

First we cleaned it and then gave the whole thing a light sand.   I had previously sanded, primed and painted it from its original wood state, so I knew the condition was good and there was no need to re-prime.  A light sand gives the finish a "tooth" for the new coat to stick to.

Once prepped, we were ready to paint.  I removed the drawers:

and gave the whole thing a fresh coat of whisper in satin finish.  (previously breathe and cusp)

We wanted the nursery to feel fresh, clean and bright, so whisper was the perfect choice.  We did, however, want some pops of the color (and more to be added elsewhere), so we decided to paint the sides of the drawers in Emma, our emerald green. 



Next we wanted to add brass-like hardware.  I originally wanted antique brass handles, but an extensive internet search left me empty handed.  The pre-drilled holes on these drawers are 3.5 inches wide which is not the standard anymore, so finding handles I liked to fit the holes was hard.  On top of that, the ones I did find were between $20 and $45 per handle which meant that this free dresser would have $120 or more value in just the handles and that seemed silly to me.  So I ended up buying these cheap stainless steel handles for $3.60 a piece and had the boy spray paint them gold.  


Because we used spray paint (which is highly toxic) this is not a piece of the project I could be involved in.  The boy sprayed them outside while wearing a mask himself.  Was it the safest, most eco-friendly option?  Definitely not, but it sure made me appreciate our paint even more.  We are just one piece of the going green process.  Those screws you see in the picture we also painted to match the shelf brackets, but that is project we will talk about another day. 


I love the way the gold turned out.  I think it really finishes the dresser. 


So there you have it.  There is one more piece to finalize on the dresser and I'd love your advice.  The middle drawers were previously covered by two doors that opened from the middle.  They were really bad (see before pic), but I am wondering if you think I need to add new doors to this piece (do those exposed middle drawers bother you) or should I leave them as they are (in which case I will remove the magnets you can see at the top).  


That's it for today.  Sick of me yet?  We will continue to update you as we make progress on the nursery.  Next up - finishing the shelves you see in these photos (we are adding a touch of green to those as well) and updating the the big wicker chair.  We'll let you know how it goes!