Lisa speaks at Babies R Us

Lisa and I spent some of Sunday afternoon at the local Babies R Us for a Nursery Design Event.  Lisa provided tips to help in the nursery design process and shared some of her favorite color combinations. 



Oh I love that star fabric (which pairs perfectly with Bloom)!


yellows, greens and blues...


You may not think of Babies R Us first when you are looking for safe, non-toxic, organic products...  but we were pleasantly surprised.  They offer a wide range of products that fall into that category and it is only growing as the demand grows (thanks to folks like you!). 


So there you have it.  We always update our social media pages with upcoming events if you are interested in attending the next one.   


Enjoy this last day of June!  Can you believe July is already here?!


ps.  In case you missed it on facebook, here's a little gender reveal video if you are interested in learning if Andi's baby is a boy or girl!  Thanks for all the love last week!