nursery update II

Oh my goodness.  Thank you so much for all the love you've shown me over the past two weeks!  We are thrilled to be growing our family and your warm wishes only make it sweeter. 


We thought we'd do a weekly nursery update for you.  So without further adieu here is a run down of what we've accomplished since the first post:


1.  The Shelves:

I had these shelves laying around after purchasing them for my office but realizing that the space is just too cramped with too many slanted walls to successfully hang shelves.  They have been hiding under the guest bed in our attic ever since, but we thought they would make great storage for above the dresser/changing table.  


We hung them the "easy" way per my suggestion although after some serious mishaps I think the boy wishes we'd done it his way and measured.  


I am a serious eye baller when it comes to hanging things and it isn't just laziness, I swear.  I've never hung something using a level and tape measure successfully and it is because in all the houses I've lived in it is incredibly rare that the floor and ceiling are level with each other.  


My way?  Use painters tape!  It so simple and it really allows you to visualize where the shelves will be.  It's a simple process of putting the tape up, stepping back to look, making adjustments and repeating. 


The boy spray painted the shelf brackets to match the dresser handles.  Then it was a "simple" matter of drilling in the screws and hanging. 


I'll confess, this did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but the good news is we successfully hung them.

And they are sturdy! And they are straight! Just waiting to be stocked with cute baskets and accessories....



2.  Room Divider Curtain Track:

I don't have in progress shots of this because the boy so nicely hung them while I was at the Babies R Us event last weekend.  It is so exciting to have this piece done because I can really visualize what it will look like separated into two spaces.  Currently we have sheers hung, which will stay up on the side facing the guest room to disguise the back of the fabric (yet to be hung which will face the nursery). 

We used the IKEA track system and while it was really difficult to hang (so I hear), we really like it.  It's affordable, you can customize the length, and the hanging sheers glide really easily. 



3.  The chair! 


(that green pillow isn't staying... help me find a great one to take its place?!?!)

So this chair I painted right when we started Quiet Home Paints and was a true novice at both DIY projects and color selections.  I painted it white with a weird combination of yellow (arms) and blue (feet).  I don't know what I was thinking.  I also didn't do any prep or even prime it.


which is why is looks so beat up:



So I gave it a quick makeover by priming (yay!) and giving it a quick coat of whisper.  It's just cleaner and happier. 

(hi rigby!)


We also recovered the yellow cushion which this gray fabric I've had laying around.  I don't remember what I originally bought it for, but I like it in this space.




That's it.  I won't be sharing lots of whole room shots because I want to save those for the big reveal, but I'll continue sharing little projects with you...  


Next on the list:

-paint the crib (we are still debating between two unfinished cribs, but this will be a fun job!)

-hem and hang nursery side of room divider

-guest room side bedding and accessories


Stay tuned and have a happy, happy weekend!