couples that paint together, stay together.

So you have some painting to do.  You are thinking about hiring a professional and there is nothing wrong with that.  But doing it yourself can be awfully rewarding.  It burns calories, gets you moving and gives you a sense of accomplishment.  And with our non-toxic paint, you aren't breathing in anything bad for you.  But if those aren't reasons enough, what about this? 

Paint with the ones your love...   because those who paint together, stay together:  


Collective aww?  How cute...  See? Painting can be romantic! 


It's all about creating a home together - how heartwarming! 


It can be fun


It can be cute. 


It can be... strange?


And yes, sometimes things can go wrong:



And sometimes it may seem never ending....



But... might it be worth it? 


Yes?  No??

You decide!