nursery at 26 weeks

Small update have been made here and there, but nothing drastic.  We have had packed weekends and those we have had free we've been busy enjoying the summer.  Last weekend was rainy and the perfect weekend to work on the nursery,  but instead I took four hour naps, watched a movie, and ate ice cream.  There's still time... 


Remember this mirror? 


I started painting it with these colors to match this fabric:


Well I finished it! 

I love the way it came out. 


What do you think?   I still need to edge it...  or add a color to the outside edge to finish it up and I'm debating which color to use.  Emerald?  Orange? Pink?  But for the most part, it's complete! 


Of course, the reflection has changed as well:

We are two days away from 26 weeks.  Hooray! 


In other areas of the nursery:

We painted this little shelf and hung it for a little reading nook.  This project was super easy and super quick.  The shelf I found at homegoods over a year ago and had up in my office.  It was painted an off-white with an antiqued finish, so I just sanded it and painted on a coat of our emerald, Emma.  Then the boy hung it, I put in some books in it and voila.  


And finally this:

what to do with this bed?  Because I can't decide the nursery is totally messed up with bedding and mattresses leaning against the walls.  Leave it wood? Paint it white?  Paint it a light gray? Paint it emerald?  I'm so torn.  Help!