27 Weeks: Nursery Update

27 weeks!  Depending on what you read and who you listen to, 27 weeks marks the beginning of the third trimester.  (some books say 28 weeks, but I say why put it off a whole additional week?).  I've had over two months of really easy days pregnancy wise.  My sickness of the first trimester faded away into a distant memory, I have been able to feel our girl moving around day and night which is fun and the temperatures here haven't gone over 80 so comfort has been easy to find.  I haven't experienced any obnoxious strangers rubbing my belly, commenting on my weight or any other general annoyances.  So really, I can't complain.  My belly button hasn't popped yet, but is completely flat which is a strange thing to look at.  How nice that all women who've carried children can discover what the inside of their belly buttons look like. 


Not much to report on the nursery (sorry!).  I did make a decision on the bed and that was to leave it wood.  I know, I know...  I paint EVERYTHING.  I was just feeling so torn about it and while I know this bed would look awesome in a bright hue and tie this room together, I also know that this home we are in is not our forever home and I envision this bed in our future country house (one can dream) showing off its wooden beauty.  So we left it.  But I did make these pillows to lighten it up and tie it together:


The gray ones.  Not the green one.  Both that and the duvet will find new homes once I find the perfect pieces to take their place. This is the first sewing project I've ever done and now I'm addicted.  I walk around the house looking for things I can recover.  Once I figured out how to thread my new sewing machine, I was hooked.  


In other nursery news, we decided on a crib and it is due to arrive next week.  After much debate, we decided to go with this unfinished beech wood crib from IKEA.  It is a great, inexpensive option when seeking a non-toxic crib.  All of the other unfinished wood cribs we looked at were in the $500 - $700 range, which we just didn't want to spend, on top of which when we contacted the manufacturers many of them still contained particle board elements. 


While this IKEA crib isn't perfect, it's a pretty good option.  All of the main parts are solid beech.  The only part of the crib that isn't truly non-toxic is the crib mattress support board which is particle board (contains VOCs).  Our plan is to let that air out in the garage for the remaining weeks before baby comes and paint the rest.  It will be a totally fun DIY project.  Speaking of... I have a question:

This is our current color scheme for the room.  Should I paint the crib emma or slipper???  I'm envisioning white bedding (simple) on either.  Opinions always welcome!