It's chilly here in the Northeast and despite the fact that fall is still technically a week away, it sure feels as though it has already arrived.  This time of year always has me turning our to our Camp Palette.  It's rustic, earthy, and natural and seems like the perfect fit for fall:

clockwise from top-left:  truck, spool, minnow, foxtail, husk, pebble

This palette is actually perfect for natural, earthy rooms any time of the year, but I find myself turning to it for inspiration when the air gets cool. 

Here is pebble.  Perfect for all seasons, but downright special in the fall paired with natural fibers. 


Or how about this space?  Foxtail, the deep brown, anchors our golden tone, husk to create a really beautiful space.  Add a little red (our truck which is on the stool) and it's perfection. 


What inspires you this season??