Paint your pumkins this fall.

We are so excited to announce that our intern, Maggie, who has been with us for a few years on and off when she had time while completing her degree has now taken on a bigger role at Quiet Home Paints.  You may have noticed that our instagram feed is getting regularly updated again.  That's thanks to Maggie who will be taking over a lot of our social media marketing.  We are so happy to have her!  Today she shares her first blog post.  We will start signing our blog posts since I will continue writing some as well (and hopefully Lisa!).  So today, Welcome Maggie!  - Andi


Happy Fall Everyone!

Today we are sharing a little fall decor project that uses pumpkins and some of our all-natural paints! This project is easy and fun for kids of all ages! 

Here is what we started with…


 We walked these little pumpkins to our studio and went straight to work trying to select the perfect colors to use. (There are 62 great choices!)



Since we had three pumpkins, we decided to do three different styles. For the first one, we used our chalkboard paint in the color Jump! Our chalkboard paint comes in every single color of Quiet Home Paints. It just so happened we had our bright orange color in the studio just begging to be used:).


Here is a pic in the middle of production…



For the next pumpkin, we decided to make happy faces! As Jack-O-Lanterns are popular at this time of year, we drew our inspiration from them and made two new friends; Jack and Jackie-O-Lantern! Its fun to get creative with faces; happy, scary, silly…. the ideas are endless! We were in a happy mood so we made two happy faces on one pumpkin! Meet Jack-O-Lantern and Jackie-O-Lantern looking fabulous in our colors; Peep, Emma, Bolt, Breathe, Petal, Chirp, Jumbleberry and Lemon Ice! 



For the third pumpkin, we chose to do a design pumpkin that is bright and colorful! This one kind of looks like a parachute, don’t you think?



 So, here they are! Do you recognize them? I think they like being outside with other fall scenery:)


 There are so many ways to paint pumpkins and add a little fun to your surroundings during this festive time of year! Be sure to send us some pictures of your creations if you decide to do this fun project too-we would love to see them!


H a p p y  P a i n t i n g !