Make a Name for Yourself! (A DIY project on making name tags;)


What is an inexpensive but cute way to decorate a nursery? What is a sweet and unique gift to get a newborn? If you’ve ever wondered these questions, this project is for you! 

(It’s also a fun project for kids to create and display in their rooms as well!)

Today, we made name signs for Lisa’s two littlest grandchildren: Esen and Logan.

Let’s get started!

We painted the first layer with two coats of Touch (our lightest pink). We found that a meduim-sized artist’s brush works great!  

Now for the decoration....

We took a small artist’s brush and had some fun with the details. For Esen’s we painted lots of tiny hearts with Wisp (light purple).


For Logan’s name, we painted the first layer with Mist (light blue). The details are painted with Sprig (spring green). We used a variety of designs like polka dots and stripes on each letter.

The final step? 

You can display these little beauties however you like! For Esen’s name, we tied a white ribbon across each letter so we could hang it on her crib. You can also use double-sided tape to hang the letters to the wall like we did for Logan!

Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

Happy painting!