Table Transformation!

Here’s a look at a fun, easy, and beautiful way to transform the aesthetic of your dining room table!



We found these linen placemats for little money and couldn’t wait to get started on this project! They were the perfect size, and just flexible enough that they can be used as either placemats or napkins. (Or both!) 

We’ll show you how we transformed a placemat. Once dry, you can simply fold the fabric and voila; it’s a napkin!

First step, set up your painting space and gather materials. All you’ll need is your favorite Quiet Home Paints colors. (We chose our Iceberg blue, Mint Sorbet, and our rich kelly Green, Emma!) Don't they look great together??


The only other materials you need are some stamps; we used the bottom of a celery stalk (looks like a flower!) and some scalloped ginger snap cookies. Funny materials, we know, but they really work! (And you can eat the rest;) You can get really creative with what stamps you choose.

First step: Take your printing materials and lightly dip it into a blob of paint, making sure the entire surface is covered. Each time, before you print on the surface, lightly stamp on newspaper to get rid of the excess paint and prevent smudging.

You can go crazy with how you decide to place the stamps on your surface! We were pretty sporadic with our method:) 

Using ginger snaps for art was very interesting but look at the design it creates! To get this look, we dipped the edges of the scalloped cookie in paint. From there, we rolled the edges across the placemat to get a checkered, “perforated” look.  

There you go! We think your table will thank you;)

Since all of our paints are all natural and organic, they are completely safe to have on your table and around food…isn’t that cool? You could also try this project on bedding, throw pillows…anything! 

Be sure to let us know how yours turn out! 

Happy painting!