a fancy nursery!

I'm back!  After more time away than I'd imagined (sometimes my little one is just too cute to concentrate on much else), I'm back on the blog.  Hello!  I've missed writing and sharing updates of our projects and while I've been away we have racked up quite a few.  I'm going to try to share at least once a week, hopefully more.   And to start things off, today we have an awesome collaboration to share with you. 

As you know, we are local to Portsmouth and therefore love hearing about other little companies making a go of it in the same area.  Enter: Fancy Face Studio - an awesome little company specializing in the making of beautiful party decor.  They credit their start to their mothers (a sentiment we can fully get behind being a mother-daughter team ourselves) and offer balloons, decals, and our favorite - TASSELS! 

They have a variety of options to choose from and kindly offered us one after we realized how amazing these would be as nursery decor.  Oh the choices!  

We settled on Lady Slipper - as it pairs beautifully with our color touch. 

If you are looking for a little something special to add to your nursery or next party, definitely check out Fancy Face Studio.  All tassels are made to order to prevent damage or wrinkling while sitting around waiting to be purchased.  

Other combinations we like? 


Fancy Face's lavender and springtime with our wisp and peep



Or how about Fancy Face's Ocean Gold and our bolt and pool?



Thanks Fancy Face!  We love the tassel (as does the occupant of this room!).  

what a little cutie!