a custom touch

It doesn't take a lot of paint to create a custom look in your room.  In just a few minutes, with a few samples pots of paint, Lisa added these adorable little details to two of her grandbabies' rooms. 

While Lisa is a very talented artist, you don't have to have those skills to make this happen.  Polka dots are fail proof.  Stars are pretty hard to mess up.  And even flowers are perfect for those of us nervous about our painting skills.  We much prefer this hand-painted look to the wall decals we are seeing around.  

On our color touch, Lisa hand painted a few branches with some birds swooping to and fro. 


And on our color Puff, a few butterflies take flight. 


Right before I went to middle school we moved into a new house.  Lisa painted a tree in my new room - the branches arching over my bed and I fell asleep every night under her artistry.  It really is a special treat to sleep in a room with a personal touch - I speak from experience. 

Ready to try your hand in adding custom details?   What will you paint?  My own baby girl's walls are covered in Fedora and I'm thinking a few white wispy clouds might be fun.  Or maybe some bright white insects silhouettes?