a starting point.

Here it is mid-summer, and after a crazy few months we are finally ready to start spreading the news about our new paint line. A big thanks to all of you who have stuck with us through the launch process and helped us get to this point: the beginning in so many ways.

This blog will be used to give updates on our paint, showcase our colors in new and unique ways, share industry news regarding green and organic products and strategies, and of course highlight real rooms completed with Quiet Nursery paints.

The idea is to open the doors and allow all of you to see what goes on at Quiet Nursery – who we are, what we like, what inspires us and how that all fits into a gallon of paint.

As I look down at my hands to type, I smile over the fact that I am literally wearing the Quiet Nursery. After a few days in the studio painting sample upon sample I am now a walking advertisement for our paint. I guess that is another plus to being organic: no stress when you end up wearing it.

Aside from painting samples, we've been staging a few nurseries. We now have three rooms available for purchase in packages on the site: Aidan's room, Turner's room, and Lulu's room.

You can see them on our site here.

We really want to be able to demostrate the versitility of our colors despite the smaller selection.  Intro: Aidan and Lulu.

We used the same deep brown, puddle, on the main wall and then painted the surrounding walls in two different shades. For Lulu: a light pink, one of my favorites in the collection: touch.


And for Aidan: puff, a natural neutral that plays up the warm tones in the brown. That simple change, along with swapping out accessories gives each room its own unique character.

This week we will be adding more rooms for inspiration... stay tuned for chirp, peep, and more!