color steps up.

It is one of those perfect days outside.  The right mixture of sunny and breezy.  One of those days where you catch yourself looking out the window and day dreaming. Am I alone in that?  If not, here's a new thing to dream about - bright stairs that make a statement.  

These stairs were featured in the June issue of Country Living and are the first thing you see upon entering Lisa's home (Lisa is a talented designer and the creative force behind this little paint line here).  So today, we are pleased to announce that we have added a new product to the lineup available on the website:  the stairs kits.

With so much interest in Lisa's stairs - I can't tell you how many emails I received about them - we decided to put together a package that would enable you all at home to create this look yourselves.  The kit contains hand mixed glazes in three colors and a step by step (no pun intended) instruction guide on how to create this look.

Check out the new product right here and learn all the details.  


Coming tomorrow - a new room. How about a sneak peek?

think greens and blues...  be sure to check back tomorrow to see the whole thing!