pond. all grown up.

Yesterday, I painted my living room with Quiet Nursery's pond.  It's one of my favorite colors in the collection - a soft sea foam green.  In part, we decided to paint my living room so that we could also stage it as a nursery to give our readers and customers an idea of how versatile a color pond can be.  But I have to admit, I volunteered my space for slightly selfish reasons as well.  Not only do I love the color, but my living room has been in dire need of a makeover.  

I recently moved into a 5 floor walk up in Boston's North End.  It's a lovely neighborhood, full of character - as are its apartments.  To give you an idea, my apartment is teeny-tiny with awkward corners and terrible carpeting (see below)...  but what sold me is the amount of windows.  Two in the living room, two in the kitchen, three in the bedroom and even one in the bathroom - that's a lot of light for North End apartment - AND it has a walk in closet.  But I digress.  

Here is the living room pre-painting party. (see what I mean about the carpet?) 

Not terrible, but the plain white walls emphasized its small size and gave the whole room a bland feeling. 

But add a little bucket of love:


And the resulting space is much more interesting and dare I say, sophisticated? 

 Quiet Nursery colors, while perfect for nurseries and play rooms are capable of transforming any space.  Now we just need to do something about that carpet... 

Next week, we will be staging this room as a nursery in two very different ways.  Soft and serene vs. Bright and Vibrant.  Stay tuned to see which one is more you!