DIY Tuesday

We were bad bloggers last week - mostly due to the fact that we were travelling to do a beautiful nursery shoot - which you will most definitely get to see in the very near future. While putting the nursery together for the shoot, we found ourselves unhappy with the curtains. They just weren't sitting right with us and rather than going out and buying new curtains that we would probably dislike solely because we'd know they were rushed, we decided to get crafty.

Introducing DIY Tuesdays...  

So, with only hours until the shoot we browsed the web for some creative ways to make new window treatments and stumbled across this article.

We instantly thought not only how cute this could be in our space, but also how easy it looked.  As a non-sewer, anything DIY having to do with fabric usually sends me running, but I am happy to say - I completed these in just an hour with scissors, fabric adhesive and an iron. 

What a cute idea:  overall clasps and buttons!


  1. Pick a fabric. 
  2. Measure your windows - both height and width. 
  3. Measure your fabric, adding about 6 inches to the length and 4 inches to the width.
  4. Cut your fabric to your measurements. 
  5. Fold about an inch of fabric at the bottom and iron using fabric adhesive to make the bottom hem
  6. Fold about 2 inches on each side of your fabric and iron using fabric adhesive to make the side hems. 
  7. Make the curtain rod loop at the top by folding the extra 5 inches over the top and iron about an inch from the fold using fabric adhesive to secure. 
  8. Decide where you want your curtains to fall when "drawn" and secure the buttons accordingly. 
  9. Loop the ribbon through the overall clasps and secure onto the buttons.  
  10. Adhere the other end of the ribbon to the back side of the curtains using fabric glue. 
  11. Hang and enjoy! 

We used a simple off-white linen and burlap ribbon.  The result was both cute and clean - the perfect combination for this awesome nursery.  Stay tuned to see more of this beautiful baby's room.