DIY Tuesday (II)

Welcome to another installment of:

Today we are going to talk about how much a simple coat of paint can transform an object.  Often we find that people have perfectly good pieces of furniture (chairs, dressers, tables), but that the style is outdated or as much as they are loved, they just don't match the intended room. 

As was the case with this chair:

A perfectly good chair and surprisingly comfortable, but the wood is too dark for our space and the yellow is wrong for our now sea foam green living room.  But I love this chair.  My mother (Quiet Nursery's designer) let me take it from her studio one afternoon and it is now my favorite place to read a good book or eat an ice cream sandwich.  But let's face it... it's not too attractive. 

Transforming this chair was simple.  Using only paint and a spare square pillow case the chair went from all-wrong for our space, to this:

I began by painting the wicker portion of the chair in Quiet Nursery's Whisper:

If you are doing this inside, make sure you put a drop cloth down. Although Quiet Nursery paints are pretty easy to clean up with just water it is safer not to risk dripping on your carpet because once it's dry, it's dry.  

Painting the wicker portion takes a little time because of all the nooks and crannies. I recommend using a cheaper chip brush from your local hardware store rather than the nice paint brush you use to cut edges as you will most likely bend some bristles in the process. 

Next, I added Quiet Nursery's Bolt to the arms and feet of the chair to give it some color. 

And then finally I re-covered the yellow cushion simply by putting it into a square pillow case and tucking in the corners. 

Total time: 3 hrs

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs an update?  Quiet Nursery paints in satin finish are durable enough to stand up to the test of time (and babies!) and of course, they are the clean and healthy choice for your home.