DIY Tuesday - crib sheets and changing pad covers

Good Morning, All! I hope you and your families shared lovely, beautiful and festive labor day weekends.  Mine was filled with out of town visitors, neighborhood block parties, fantasy football drafts and giggling babies - all in all a successful long weekend, yet I couldn't help but find myself excited to get back to work today.  I blame September.  Maybe it is all the years of going back to school with a renewed sense of purpose that has carried over, but I'm feeling inspired and ready to get down to it this month. 

We've been very busy over at Quiet Nursery with photo shoots, nursery design, loads of painting and getting our name out there.  A lot of our time has been spent staging the nurseries we've done for photo shoots, which is a tiring but really fun part of the job. It's a matter of making small changes here and there (adding an accessory, moving a rocking chair, adjusting the curtains) to make the room look just right through the lens of the camera.  And this brings me to today's DIY... 

When we stage a nursery, whether its a demo room or a real nursery, two of the things we often feel need a little update are the crib sheet and the changing pad. We find ourselves getting creative for photo shoots and often creating these things out of other items we have other brought or borrowed from other parts of the nursery. 


For example, in this nursery, we simply arranged a sheep skin over the changing pad.  (photos by Maria Vicencio

And in this lovely nursery, we pinned a large piece of colorful fabric around the changing pad to jazz it up.  (photo by Greg West)

While these work for photo shoots, they aren't permanent fixes for the space which is why I was so excited to stumble across this easy tutorial explaining how to simply make these items for your nursery over at Chic and Cheap Nursery.

So if you are looking for a change, bored of your changing pad or mattress cover, try your hand at making your own! 

Happy DIY Tuesday!