understanding paint.

Today we want to share a little background on paint and what makes ours unique.  We feel passionately about providing only the safest and most beautiful products to our homeowners, but we have found that people are often confused.  There are so many terms out there: low VOC, natural, organic, eco-friendly... sometimes it can be hard to determine what it all means, so here is a little background to help you navigate the paint industry.

Essentially, all paint is made up of three things:

  • the pigments - or colorants, which give the paint its color
  • the binding agent - binds the color to the surface
  • the solvents - keep paint in suspension until applied to the wall

Once the paint is applied to the wall, the solvent evaporates leaving the surface with dry color.  It is during this process that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air. This process is also called off-gassing and can continue for extended periods of time. It is estimated that less than 50% of the VOCs in paint are released in the first year, meaning VOCs continue to be released long after the paint is dry.  It is these VOCs that make paint so stinky when it is applied.  And while the smell is unpleasant, more importantly it also causes air pollution.  What does that mean to you?  It can cause allergies, chest complaints, contribute to the greenhouse effect and pollute the environment that you live in. 

What makes Quiet Nursery's paints different, is that they are all solvent-free, thereby eliminating the release of VOCs completely. This means an expecting couple can use the paint without fear of inhaling harmful toxins.  It means your painting experience will be pleasant and odor free.  It means your baby will live in a space that feels clean and special.  A full list of ingredients can be found here

While we wanted to create a line of paints for children's spaces that was beautiful and cohesive, it was equally important to us to create a line that was safe.  Your little loved ones breathe in twice as much air as you do while their organs are still growing.  We want that air to be clean.  

So, thanks for stopping by.  We are always around to answer questions about our paint so feel free to reach out!