happy halloween.

Happy Halloween!  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and stayed warm and dry.  Did you dress up?  Are you rocking a costume at work today?  Are you and your little one trick or treating tonight?  

Tonight I'll be walking through my home town with my little siblings while they run from door to door collecting treats.  One is eleven and the other is nine.  Over the weekend I dressed up as an lion following this how to to create hair worthy of a lioness.  While it was fun, the two hour prep time makes me think tonight I will just put on a witch hat and call it a success. 

My little sister will be Luna Lovegood, her favorite Harry Potter character.  And my little brother will be some sort of transformer.  Something-tron. 

I, for one, will be hoping for some treats more like these: 


scary marshmallows and frozen banana pops.  Yummm. 

If you are home today and preparing for the trick or treaters to come knocking tonight, try making some of these spooky spider webs...

And finally, a poll:

This nursery was designed to be a gender-neutral room, which I suppose is a success, but to me it feels really spooky.  I think it's a combination of the black and white and the spooky looking trees and buildings.  

What do you think?  Would you design a nursery with a scary twist?? 

Enjoy your Halloween...