make room for baby.

Well, those lovable Duggars are at it again having just announced they are expecting baby number 20! Congrats to the Duggar family!  It got us thinking, here in the studio, about how on earth you make room for that many children, all needing spaces to sleep, learn, eat, grow.  So today we thought we'd share some tips on how to make the most of the space you have (maybe not for 20...  you'll have to ask the Duggars about that!). 

Lots of colors and patterns make these built in bunk beds feel cozy and personal.  I love the curtains so the little ones can hide themselves away when they need a quiet moment.  Another idea would be to use softer fabrics and paint the inside of each built in a fun color - let the kids choose! 

More built-ins!  It's a great way to save space, create privacy and even add a little extra storage.  The addition of the drawers underneath the beds is a brilliant way to use all the space you have. 

If you have multiple cuties running around your living room consider making a long built in window seat.  Not only does it provide extra seating for everyone, but it also allows for the creation of cubbies.  Give each member of the family one or store items the whole family enjoys here like board games, blankets and art supplies. 

I love this idea.  An attic was turned into a bunk house by creating these lofted beds.  What a fun space! 

Twins?? Placing the cribs next to each other will make life easier on you, enabling you to tuck in, check on, soothe, and sing to each babe at the same time.  The addition of a couch is key for those late night feedings. 

Keep it fun!  When kids are sharing a space, be sure to make it unique so each child is interested and happy with the space they call home. 

Be creative with your placement...  Why stop at two beds when you can squeeze three in the same space?

Entry ways become hectic with lots of little ones running in and out...  three layers of storage are key to taming the chaos.  A bench and storage at the lower lever allows for a place for little ones to stop and sit to put on and take off their shoes.  The drawers and cubbies provide a home for shoes, mittens, hats and other necessities.  Above be sure to provide plenty of hooks for jackets, umbrellas, bags and helmets.  And finally a high level of storage is a great addition for those off-season items.  Mittens and hats can go up here in the summer and bike helmets and roller blades can take their spot when the weather turns cold. 

And finally...

Ok. So this isn't really making the most of your space, but what fun it would be for a house full of kids! 

Happy Thursday!