DIY Tuesday - wall collages

Happy Tuesday! 

I love photo/art collages on the wall...  gallery walls, if you will.  They are great way to add interest to a large wall, create personal touches in your space and increase graphic interest.  But frankly, the thought of getting out the level and ruler, measuring the frames and noting where their hangers are, measuring out and marking up the wall and then hanging everything only to inevitably have to rehang at least a few because they are crooked or too far apart seems like a huge annoyance to me.  (Almost as annoying as writing that run-on sentence...)

But then, I found this:

Look at how simple this is...  why didn't I think of that??  Simple lay your installation arrangement on the floor the way you would like it to appear on the wall, then flip the frames over so the backs are facing you.  Tape a few sheets of wax paper together (big enough to cover the complete installation) and lay it on top of the arrangement.  This way you can mark where the hangers are on each frame.  I like tracing the whole frame and marking the hangers so when I hold it up to the wall I get a sense of how the whole thing will look.  This also helps you determine if you need to move it up or down, left or right.  Then tape the wax paper to the wall and nail right through it where you've marked the hangers to be.  Take down the wax paper and hang your photos.  Voila! 

Do you have a photo or art installation in your nursery??  If so, be sure to share them on our facebook page!  And if not, now there are no excuses...