climbing the ladder

We are huge fans of ladders...  painted step stools, large antique library ladders, old apple picking ladders: you name it, we love it.  There are so many things you can do with a ladder in your home.  While they are functional if you have tall bookshelves or a loft, don't stop there.  

Here are some fun ways to use ladders in your baby's room:

Strategically place a ladder with round rungs next to a comfy chair and drape colorful blankets and throws over each rung.  Now your snugly blankets are within reach when nursing or rocking your little one.

Paint an old step ladder and hang it on the wall as unique shelving.  We think these paint colors would work great for this:


(petal, breathe, bee, wisp)

Paint and create shelving with the addition of tiles or wood squares.  Then use as a bookshelf, add baskets for swaddles or diapers, etc... let you imagination run wile.  Colors we like:


(puff, perch)

Use an antique ladder as a showcase for those special dolls.  I love this one for a little girls room.  


And finally, hang a ladder above the kid's work space as impromptu frames for new artwork.  The kids get a square or two and can swap out their art as they like.  We think this would be ever cuter if the ladder was painted one of these fun colors:


(splash, jump, bloom, peep)