Monday updates and inspiration...

Happy Monday...   we hope you had a lovely weekend. It's a busy day in the studio today and we have a lot to share with you! 

First and foremost, it's here!  The premiere issue of a new magazine, Bump to Baby, has arrived on newsstands and we are so excited to be featured in the issue. 

Look for it this week on newsstands across New Hampshire and Maine.  The magazine a great resource for expecting and new parents with great articles, resources and products (if we do say so ourselves)!

Also, we wanted to share with you some other big projects we are working on:

  • Our website: We are working with some awesome designers who are completely redoing our site.  Expect the new look in the New Year! 
  • Photo Projects:  We are also in the process of doing some more staged nurseries and corresponding photoshoots to beef up our portfolio and create more packages for customers.  And we are are always looking for new spaces to paint.  Do you have a nursery in need of color or know someone who does??  Let us know!   Also, if you have used Quiet Nursery paints in your room, please submit us your photos...  we'd love to see the results and potentially share them on the blog or website.  We will be announcing a little photo contest as well next month, so start painting! 
  • Demo walls:  We are working with various baby boutiques in the area to paint beautiful demo walls in their space and stock our paint.  How great for our customers to be able to walk away with paint the same day!  A full list of boutiques will be published on the site.  If you have a boutique or know of one who might be interested, let us know! 
  • Quiet Home:  Lisa is busy creating custom colors to add to the Quiet Home Collection and it's really taking shape.  We plan to launch the line in conjunction with the new website in the new year.  So stay tuned and keep us in mind if you New Year's resolutions will include any painting! 

And finally...

It speaks for itself, no? 

Happy Monday!