DIY Tuesday - painting those cribs

Painted cribs are an obsession of mine.  I love them - and how a simple coat of paint can totally change them adding personality and charm.   After recently painting a plain white crib we use for staging and being, as I always am when painting furniture, shocked at the difference, I felt inspired to share with you some our favorite painted cribs from around the web.  Hopefully you will be inspired to add a little personality to your little one's crib. 

Worried about the safety of painted cribs with teething little ones?  Fear not.  Our paint is safe enough to eat!  Really...  although I wouldn't recommend it as I can't vouch for its taste.  All our colors and finishes are completely organic, free of toxins and perfectly safe for you and your little one. 

So first up:

Who says painted cribs have to be bold and bright?  This crib is painted a soft gray and adds to the subtle, clean design on this nursery. 

To get this look try our gray, mist and dry brush over it with our bright white, whisper, for an antiqued feel:

On the other hand, a painted crib can make a huge statement with bold color.  This crib was painted a great red which really stands out against the black and white walls. 

Like this look?  Try our red, shout, paired with mist on the walls. 

This soft, buttery yellow crib is perfect for little boys or girls. 

Try our mid-tone yellow, bee or our brighter yellow, buzz, to get this look


This bright green looks lovely paired with pinks for a little girl.  For a little boy try swapping out the pink bedding for some yellow for blue. 

Like this look?  Try our bright green, peep, with our soft pink, petal (for girls) or our soft blue, pout (for boys). 


A crib can be painted and not be the focal point of the room, rather a corresponding element.  Here the crib was painted a soft, light blue to work with, not against, the bold, graphic background. 

Try our lightest blue, breathe:

Dial it up a notch, like this nursery, with a bright pink crib against a soft gray wall.  Love this combination. 

You too?  Try our bright pink, bloom with mist on the walls. 



And finally, a crib fit for any beach house or cottage. 

Try our bright blue, chirp:

Now get out there and start painting!  Remember to order our paint in Satin finish to ensure durability and shine! 

Happy DIY Tuesday!