A day late.

I wrote this post yesterday but in the craziness of the day, forgot to post it!  My apologies...  Enjoy! 

Hi all!  Last week we showed some wonderful painted cribs and shared some ideas for painting your own.  Today, we are going to focus on changing tables.  We love nurseries that have painted elements...  it gives the nursery personality. More than that though, it gives the nursery a sense of individuality, making it different from others.  

So today, we wanted to feature another element of the nursery that is easy to make your own with a little paint.  The changing table. 

These days, you can make a changing table out of any dresser.  With the simple addition of a changing pad, any flat surface will do.  We love the idea of taking an old dresser and painting it to fit into your new nursery.  Don't have an old dresser?  Look for yard sales or even the free section of craigslist - you'll be amazed at what you find.  And with a coat of paint, these pieces look just like new. 

Love the white on white.  Try our bright white (whisper) or our softer white (cuddle). 

This isn't a dresser, but the idea is the same.  We love this soft green.  Try our color sprig! 

This portable changing table was created from an old rolling bar.  Make sure those wheels have locks and try our paint in Buzz.  Our satin finish works on metal! 

Another great yellow...  bee and buzz would work great to achieve this look. 

We love this old dresser painted in a happy blue.  Try our splash or chirp! 

And finally, a two tone gem.  This is easier than it looks.  Just take the drawers out and paint them separate from the frame.  Try our orange, jump, with whisper to get this look. 

Happy Painting!