we're having a contest/giveaway/painting extravaganza...

or something....


Are you expecting or do you already have little loved ones running around?  We want to makeover your nursery! 

Here's the deal:  we are trying to build up our portfolio with some really awesome photos of both rooms and the cute little ones that occupy them.  So we are looking for expecting moms or mom's/dad's in need of a nursery makeover.  You just need to send us some photos of your room or current nursery and and idea of what you are hoping to do with it.  We'll pick 2 - 3 winners. 

What will the winners get you ask?? 

Each winner will receive all paint for the room FREE.  I repeat. All paint. Free.   

And this isn't just any paint.  This is Quiet Nursery paint... its organic, beautiful and safe paint for you and your little one.   Winners will also get a .5 hour consultation with Lisa and Andi to select colors.  Once selected, the paint will arrive at your door ready to go...  paint it yourself (it's safe for expecting moms!) or have it painted...  then the fun begins.  Lisa and Andi will visit to help you with furniture placement and to stage the nursery for professional shots!  Your room will be photographed.  You and your little one might be photographed too! 

Go from this:

(a great start... this little nursery in a cute farm house needed a face lift, and we used the blanket hanging over the crib as inspiration)

To this: 

(viola... we used bee and bolt to create contrast.  We also brought the yellow all the way up over the ceiling to keep the eye from stopping to create a visually larger space.)

Let us help you create a safe, beautiful space for your little one. 

To enter:

  • Because Lisa and Andi will be visiting, this contest is limited to those in the New England area...  but have no fear, a national giveaway isn't too far away.
  • send photos of your nursery to us at info@quietnursery.com
  • include a description of the look you would like to achieve
  • tell us your favorite Quiet Nursery color
  • if possible, include photos of your nursery furniture

Looking forward to seeing your spaces!