DIY: Up and Down....

Today we are going to talk about a painting project you can do yourself that creates huge impact in a space: Painted Floors and Ceilings...  

Putting color on either of these spaces takes some work and might leave you with sore muscles... but the effect is worth it. 

First up, check out these gorgeous floors... perfect for little ones' who spend so much time down there learning to crawl and walk.

stripes are simple!  Tape, ruler and paint!  

Stencils!  How cute would this be in a little girl's room?  We do a full stenciling tutorial on Friday. 

Ok, so this isn't a nursery, but wouldn't it look great in one??

Same with this one... I love the zig zags. 

Painting a floor is hard work... be sure to use a glossy paint, both for durability and shine!

And now let's flip upside down...

(weeeeee!) and take a look at the opposite:  color on the ceilings:

straight color - ties the whole room together, just be sure your room is on the larger side... small spaces with low ceilings will feel smaller with color up there. 


Big drama! 

This one I love... it reminds me a circus tent... perfect for a play room or bright nursery! 

Painting a ceiling is relatively simple.  You may end up with a sore neck, but there aren't any special steps you have do to protect it like you would on a floor.  It's a good idea to use a paint in mat finish. This finish hides more imperfections in the ceiling and won't cause issues with light shadows and reflections.