letters from lisa: adopt a snowman

No snow here in coastal New England, and while we love the mild weather--there is nothing more fun than getting outside to build a snowman, particularly around the holidays.  If your kids can't build their own, try this...

I found this wonderful charity, save a snowman, a few years ago.  The charity encourages you (and your little ones) to adopt and rescue orphaned snowmen around the world.  Your donation helps to support displaced children and environmental causes around the world.  It's a great way to get our own children involved in worthy causes.  

Each snowman comes with a story  Meet Tango:

Tango loves to perform magic tricks for his friends. He's always up for a challenge and loves snowboarding.
Like and dislikes: There isn't much that Tango doesn't like, but negative snowmen are his least favorite. He loves to play outside and challenge himself physically. He loves fruit juices and banana splits.
Special skills: Aside from his renowned talent at “glacier surfing”, Tango is a surprising ventriloquist. He can imitate all kinds of sounds!
Dreams and goals: To be adopted by an adventurous family that loves life and cares for the environment.
Orphanage  notes:
Tango is a jovial and positive snowman with a particular talent for always making the best of any situation and spreading joy. Tango is also a very good listener and his friends can always count on him to give good advice and support. Tango would be an entertaining addition to any family. He is very social and would quickly acclimate to just about any new setting.
And if you're really bored because there is no outside fun to be had...pick up some of our paint on sale and have some great family time recreating a space with your kids.  Non toxic and odor free...

Enjoy the weekend...Lisa