What are yours?  I read on in an article yesterday that 37% of Americans have already broken theirs.  I am determined to keep mine, although I've never been successful at this.  When I make resolutions each year I always make 5 of them.  1 really big one, 1 that is bigger than just me, and 3 that I like to call typical (lose weight, exercise more, etc).  So I thought I would share them with you...  

My big one:

Be content with what I have. 

This may sound simple, but it is going to be hard for me.  I work in an industry where I am constantly looking at beautiful things... be it rooms, whole homes, clothes, furniture... and sometimes I find myself wanting it all.  A house in the country, and one at the beach, or maybe a mountainside chalet... this couch, those boots, that rug.  I know its natural to dream and boy do I dream big, but this year I'd like to focus on the good that I have right here...  a small but cozy apartment, a job that I feel passionate about, a puppy that gives unconditional love, a family that does the same, and a wonderful partner to share it all with.  That's enough (for now... next year, beach house).

My larger than just me one:

Be less wasteful. 

I find myself cleaning out my refrigerator once a month and tossing food that has gone bad.  I live in a city where my trash gets picked up three times a week and (this is embarrassing) I always have at least one bag for them.  I try hard to keep my impact on this world low and its important to me. I take public transportation when I can, I recycle, I've boycotted plastic bottles, but there is much more I could be doing.  So this year, I will try be less wasteful.  I resolve to use all of what I buy, even if that means I have to shop more frequently. I will reduce my waste by composting, considering packaging before buying, and reusing what I can.  Last night I kicked things off by making homemade stock from the remains of a chicken I roasted...  Here's to a yummy (less wasteful) 2012!

My not quite so large, but still important to me ones: 

Work harder at keeping in touch with far away friends

Stop watching TV during dinner

Excercise more, get in shape

And there you have it folks.  My resolutions....  Lisa will be sharing hers on Friday. 

Don't worry... all this text and no pictures??  I wouldn't do that to you. 

What do you think of this rustic, sporty nursery from on to baby?

We are huge fans, as you know, of the neutral palette. 

And how about this fort? 

is it not the coolest thing ever? 

And finally, we had an awesome photoshoot with the talented Nicole Durand Derr of nmd Photography, the results of which we will be sharing with you next week, but here's a sneak peek that Nicole posted on our facebook page. 

Happy Wednesday!  Keep on keeping on. 

ps.  don't you love the idea of displaying your resolutions as art, like the first photo?  I might have to get out the paint brushes...