lisa's resolution

Lisa sent this to me this morning - her resolution for the year.  I think its a great one, and one that we all could work on.  When I was growing up, during teenage emotional mini-dramas, she used to tell me, "you can make it a good day, or a bad day.  it's up to you...". 

I added the photos... (sorry mom!)

From Lisa: 

When Andi told me that she thought I should share my resolutions today, I felt panicked.  I hadn't made any or given any real thought to it this year.  But I like the idea of resolutions, so after some careful consideration I settled on this:

Choose happiness. Short and sweet. Seemingly simple, but more difficult in act. 

For me, choosing happiness means taking care of my health,

de-stressing my life, 

valuing my friends, 

and loving my family. 

I hope you are enjoying the new year and finding ways to choose happiness in your own life.  We happen to think that color helps, too.