{ photo shoot }

Get excited for some serious cuteness!  I mentioned a few days ago that we had a photo shoot and today we are happy to share some of the photos!  We wanted to get some shots of some adorable little ones playing with our paint and our containers to visually enforce the organic aspect of our line.  We are proud to offer a product that is safe for little ones (and you!) and were looking to emphasize that point.

We worked with the very talented Nicole of NMD Photography who immediately got our vision.  Thank you Nicole!  

And of course, we must thank your models! 

Meet Oliver:

an adorable little boy, full of energy and life, quick to smile and curious of the world.

And Delilah:

a beautiful, smiley little girl just waiting for the right moment to make the world hers... 

love those baby toes...  Delilah is wearing bolt and splash on her toes. 

We are also excited about our containers.  Not only are they unique in color

but in material.  These containers are made of completely recycled materials (like old car tires!).

cast of characters:  splash, twirl, bolt, buzz

and there you have it folks!