a change of pace.

It's been a week since returning from Mexico and it's all hands on deck, full steam ahead here in the studio.  And along with my tan, our vacation is quickly fading into the background, a wonderful memory.  I promised to share a few photos, so I thought today would be a nice day to do so.  It's Friday afterall. 

Now, I'm no photographer, but my sister (a truly wonderful photographer) gifted me her old Nikon when upgrading a few years ago and since then, it's become my favorite vacation accessory.  I used to worry about "looking like a tourist," but now I embrace it.  I am one afterall.  

Day 2 looked a little like this...  ok, it looked exactly like this.  We spent the day at playa de los muertos (yes, beach of the dead).  It's small, quiet, and beautiful.  My kind of beach. 

Ah, the wedding...  the reason for our trip.  This picture says joy to me, and that's exactly how the whole event felt.  Joyous. 


Those palm trees.  I want to climb one and drop down a coconut like in the movies. 

Blue water, blue sky.  Surfers.  

And finally...  pelicans.  I love them.  I think they look like the last of the dinosaurs.  Pre-historic and magestic. 

So a break from nurseries and paint, but hopefully some inspiration of another sort.  We'll be back Monday.  

Happy Weekend! Get Painting!