{DIY Tuesday}

 Hey folks...  it's been a while since we've done a real DIY Tuesday, so today we are extra excited to share a fun project that you can change up in endless ways.  It's the hand made stencil.  Before I show you the version we chose and how we did it, here are some lovely nurseries whose walls you could recreate in your space using this technique. 

We like the use of the technique with softer colors, but it could also be fun in high contrast.  That's the beauty of this project, you can tailor it to fit your style and design.  

So without further ado, let's talk about how to do it. 

Step 1: Pick your colors

We decided we wanted our demo wall to be subtle, but noticeable so we chose to use our soft blue, pout in combination with our lightest shade of blue, breathe.  


Step 2: Get Painting!

First, you need to paint your walls the base color, in this case, pout. Two coats should do it and make sure each coat is completely dry before proceeding. 

Step 3: Make you Stencil

This is the fun part.  Decide what you want you stencil to look like.  There are awesome templates to be found on the web.  When you find one, print it out and trace it onto a piece of cardboard, or if you draw it yourself.  Then cut the stencil out.  You can use an old cereal box which is sturdy enough to trace around, but easy to cut.  Just make sure your stencil is symmetrical - you can achieve this by drawing one side and then folding the paper in half to create its mirror image. 

Step 4:  Get your trace on

Start in an upper corner and work your way down and over tracing around the stencil as you go.  It's a big job.  The larger you make your stencil, the less tracing you will have to do. 

Step 5:  Paint! 

Now pick the color for your design.  Using a small artist's brush, paint around the edges of the shape you've drawn onto the wall. Go slow, but don't worry if it isn't perfect.  You won't notice the imperfections on the completed wall. 

Step 6:  Step back and admire. 

Here is our completed demo wall. 

And for your viewing pleasure... a video of the whole process:

Keep in mind, I'm an amateur when it comes to videography... 

Happy Tuesday!  Get Painting!