{quiet home collection}

So today we wanted to start with you a little sneak peek into where we are headed. 


The new Quiet Home Paints website will be launching in the coming days and with that a new line of paints designed for other areas in your home, the Quiet Home Collection.  As you know, we've been offering a few select colors from this line all along.  These colors have been among our most popular.  We are so excited to share the whole line with you soon! 

Quiet Nursery isn't going anywhere.  Both lines will be available on the new site.  The addition of the Quiet Home Collection will give customers more options and allow them use our organic, safe, beautiful paints in each and every room. 

So, what is changing? 

-The website!  We will announce the official launch date next week and on that date, you will notice a new, totally awesome website.  The site will feature both collections (Quiet Nursery and Quiet Home) and be a more stream-lined experience for our customers.  We can not wait to share it with you. 

-Our facebook page!   We will update our name on facebook to our company name, Quiet Home Paints, which will include both the Quiet Nursery Collection and Quiet Home Collection on one page.  We feel this will be easier than separate pages for each collection for you all to follow and give a more complete picture of our products and ideas. 

-Our twitter handle!  Just like facebook, we will be updating our twitter to @QuietHomePaints.  This is probably something we should have done from the beginning, but we were so excited about the nursery line that we wanted it to be as clear as possible what we were focusing on.  Now, it's important to focus on both lines! 

**Don't worry - if you currently follow us on facebook or twitter, you won't have to change a thing! Our name will change, but nothing else! 

What is staying the same? 

-The quality of our paint.  Nothing is changing here.  We still offer completely organic, non-toxic, safe and beautiful paints for you, your family and the earth. 

-Us!  While we are moving from a home built site to more professional and stream-lined look, we want you to rest assured that we are still here, behind the scenes each and every day available to answer your questions, address your comments and working hard to give you the best paint we possible can.  

Like I said, we are days away now!  So get excited!  Of course, we will have some crazy, amazing deals as we launch the collection so stay tuned for those! 

And because I don't want to leave you without any color on a Friday... 

this awesome, western-ranch style nursery is just making me happy today...  We'll talk about how you can get the gradated mountain (or other shape) look next week! 

(from Little Crown Interiors via Project Nursery)