errrrrrr, errrrrrrr, errrrrrrrr....

...goes the fire alarm. I am trying to type this blog post while listening the constant and shrill sound of my building's fire alarm which has been going on for about an hour now, so I apologize if I sound a little wired.  Don't worry - there isn't a fire.  The fire department has been here already, but unfortunately can't turn off the alarm.  A fact I learned from my firefighter father who I called when my friendly neighborhood firemen left me standing on the street, puppy quivering between my feet, alarm still sounding.  I did not know that the fire department can not turn off the alarm.  That is something only landlords or building managers have the power to do.  Three calls later, I'm still waiting. 

I intended this post to be about positive thinking. You all know what happened last night, the loss.  It was a bummer.  But more depressing than the loss was having to listen to "fans" throughout the game be negative.  It's my pet peeve and it got me thinking about the power of positive thinking.  To me, it's so important... and a wonderful message to start sending early on.  

So today I wanted to share some fabulous finds that all promote the positive...

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from etsy

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and finally:

(its true)  

Enjoy your Monday.  Don't worry Pats fans...  we'll get 'em next year.