resolution check in

It's Thursday already!  Where does the time go?  It's been particularly busy around here, but as our lovely manufacturers say, "best not to complain!"  Busy is good.  

Busy is great.  We have a lot of projects to share with you - but those will come next week.  

Today we wanted to do a little reality check.  We are 2.5 months into the new year so I thought today would be a great day to check in on our resolutions.  Do you remember mine?

1.  Be Content with what I have.   So... am I?

The short answer is yes.  I am.  Feel free to stop reading.  But the long answer goes more like this:  I have made a huge effort with this resolution and I think I've made progress.  I still find myself falling into the "want mindset" from time to time (my big weakness these days is couches), but I continue to remind myself how lucky I am for what I have and who I share it with.  It is working.  I have not shopped for clothes all year.  Every once and awhile I still fill up my cart with fabulous finds on my favorite online boutiques.  But I always click out before hitting Checkout.  I have plenty (too much, in fact) in my closet already.  The one want I can't seem to shake is a bigger place to call home.  Running a paint company out of a tiny one bedroom apartment shared with boy and puppy has its challenges.  Like the fact that we no longer have food in our cupboards.  Just paint.  Paint in the bookshelf that used to hold our books, paint in the coat closet that used to hold our coats and yes, paint in the food cupboards.  It's getting a little absurd.  But our home is still happy, despite its size and the fact that our puppy is constantly wearing a different shade of our paint colors on her coat.  Red is not her color. 

2.  Be less wasteful.  And...? 

Guys and gals. This is a hard one.  But I am happy to report we are making progress.  When we really started looking at it we realized just how much we could change.  We do shop more often and get less so that less goes to waste.  But on the flip side, we've started ordering in more, mostly because life has been so busy and we all know that those plastic to-go containers aren't exactly helping me with this goal.  The good news?  I have now replenished my Tupperware supply by saving to-go containers.  We have not started composting yet, but it's still on the radar.  I've been looking at compost receptacle options.  Does anyone have a good system to recommend?  We're getting there. 

3. Keep in better touch with far away friends.  

Hmmm.  I have to admit, I haven't changed much in regards to this resolution.  I've had the good fortune of celebrating weddings and engagements with friends who are far away, so the opportunity has presented itself to spend time with them.  It's been wonderful.  But, alas, this is one that I still need to work on.  I am lucky to have such amazing friends who put up with me. 

4. Stop watching TV at dinner. 

Well, I could tell you I've gotten slightly better at this, but I'd be fibbing.  And no one likes a fibber.  Perhaps we will have to unplug the darn thing.  We don't even have cable.  So why is the TV on you ask?  I don't know. 

And finally: 

5.  Work out. Get in shape.

We are starting to train for this half marathon in September.  So...  here's to hoping!  I've never run more than a 5K, so this could be interesting.  We will keep you posted. 

Where are you with your resolutions?