a color profile: splash

We've decided to do a series of color profiles here on the blog...  something that will highlight some of our most popular colors to explain how we came up with them, what we love about them and what you can achieve with them.  Lisa created the line by hand-mixing many, many colors and parring down from there.  Having been in the industry, both as a decorative painter and interior designer, she had an idea of where she wanted to go with them, but it took a lot of creativity and editing to come up with what you see today.

Each color is a labor of love.


Up today: Splash

It's a turquoise that is daring, energetic, dynamic and rich.  

How was it created? 

Splash can be found in the Quiet Nursery Collection, in the palette Pop: a gathering of similarly bold colors.  It has become one of our most popular colors, but ironically it didn't exist in the original collection.  Lisa hand-mixed this color well before we even started our little paint line for the stool in her living room.  From the beginning we wanted this color to be in our collections somewhere, but we anticipated it would belong in the Home Collection.  As things progressed however, and we launched our nursery collection we found ourselves always reaching for a turquoise...  so, we moved some things around and added the color to the Pop Collection as Splash. 

splash's debut

How did we come up with the name?

The Nursery Collection colors were fun to name from the beginning.  We had a clear vision of the palettes: sleep, wake, play and pop and wanted to name each color something simple and reminiscent of the color, something a child could correlate.  We wanted all the names to be one syllable and while there a few exceptions, we remained true to this formula for the most part.  Splash came to be, because we wanted all the names in the Pop palette to be action words.  Since the palette is so filled with energy, it made sense to use words that carried the same weight.  After some brainstorming (wave, skip, etc), we settled on Splash. 

What do we love about it?

What's not to love?  I love how versatile this color is and how it plays well with others.  Orange, Purple, Green...  Yellow, Blue, Gray....  you name it and this color will work.  It's perfect for painting cribs, dressers, changing tables.  But it also works great on the walls.  My other favorite thing?  When you open the paint can and flip over the lid - it's such a saturated, beautiful color that it literally begs you to start painting. 

this is a demo crib displayed in Lisa's studio.  Splash transformed this plain white crib into something truly special. 

And finally:  here is some inspiration for you...  

Ps. Don't forget: Splash (and all our colors) is completely organic, non-toxic and safe for both you and baby.  Plus that beautiful thing we call mother-earth.  Breathe easy!