friday, friday.

Happy Friday...  I hope wherever you are, you are experiencing the same sweet gift of gorgeous weather that we are here in New England.  It feels more like May than March.  I hear a cold spell is on its way, but the past few days have been simply beautiful.  I wore flip flops yesterday.  I really had no choice.  My bare toes rejoiced in the sunlight after a season of being covered up.  I would have worn shorts too, but I just couldn't bring myself to break out the real summer cloths.  Plus, it's March people.  We are supposed to have a few more weeks to get into summer shape.  

Lisa leaves for Thailand today.  She departs Boston and makes her first stop in Hong Kong: a 16 hour leg.  We spent the day yesterday prepping for her departure.  We had a final strategy meeting so QHP keeps on steaming ahead while she's gone, packed up samples and supplies, set up her new nook and backed up her computer.  We will be sharing details of her trip when we can over the next two weeks, and of course we will share photos of the new school and her experiences with you when she returns. 

Safe Trip, Lisa!! 

this is lisa on her last big trip to Tanzania with her painted lion friend

Anyone out there Hunger Games fanatics?  The boy and I bought tickets to see the movie this Sunday.  I am beyond excited.  He and I stumbled across the series by accident after tweeting for recommendations for books on tape for a long car drive. We listened to the first one in an 8 hour stretch to DC, starting it with no idea what it was about. And we were hooked.  I have to admit that when I initially saw the casting for the movie I was disappointed.  I know SO many of you disagree with me on this.  I was especially disappointed in Peeta.  And Gale.  Ah Peeta and Gale...  Anyway,  we are seeing it.  In IMax 3D no less.  And we are excited.  I am also beyond excited that the movie is our ONLY weekend plan.  I just love those weekends.  I plan on doing nothing despite the fact that we are supposed to be moving in less than two weeks.  (More on that later.) 

QHP wishes you a happy, safe weekend full of color!