{Thailand. Photos}

No update from Lisa in my inbox this morning (although it's not quite bed time there, so one may still be coming).  What I did wake up to though was an email with eight wonderful photos attached.   Enjoy!

From what I can gather from Lisa's first email, plans changed when they arrived and they were not allowed to construct the new school as anticipated.  So instead, they are rehabbing this school.  Step 1:  Facelift with bright happy murals.  

ps. Isn't that little girl adorable?

I see bright flowers, leafy greens and people working together to create beauty. 

Inner artists coming out. 

A blank canvas can be intimidating... 

But with lots of encouragement, shapes started to take place. 

Furniture was rehabbed. 

And new life was brought to this school. 


I'm sure there is still a lot going on, but what a great start?  I love the painted children peaking out through the windows.